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link|that CarPark is the solution for fast and accurate number plate recognition.
Artificial Intelligence - cloud-based
CarPark is a state-of-the-art cloud application based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms: The neural network technology with an intelligent learning strategy has enabled us to achieve an extraordinarily high level of quality.
link|that LinkThat CarPark can be utilized wherever a secure number plate recognition is required. Possible scenarios include entry/exit control of garages and parking lots, the monitoring of parking times, as well as security applications in public areas.
Number plate identification: How it works
1. The camera takes a picture of the car.
2. The picture is sent to the CarPark application via a secured connection.
3. CarPark recognizes the number plate and reads the contained information. A string containing this information is sent over a secure network connection to a computer predefined by the customer. In the CarPark application, neither the image nor the transmitted result string is stored.

Key Benefits

High success rate

CARPARK is a robust, high quality application. It is based on neural network algorithms. The success rate is above 99%.


CARPARK is a cloud application. Any costs are based exclusively on the actual service calls. There are no expenses for hardware, software, maintenance and updates on the customer's end.


CARPARK complies with all Austrian and European privacy policies and regulations. CARPARK does not store any data.


CARPARK does not require a special IT infrastructure on the customer side: A - usually already existing - camera for image capture, some capacity on an existing computer and an Internet/network connection are sufficient.

Ready to go

To use CARPARK, it is enough to transfer pictures over an internet connection. The Go-to-market times are therefore particularly short.
Fact Sheet
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You can reach us via phone +43 1 33 44 0 44 and email office via linkthat to eu.
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