What is CTI?

Since we specialize in processes and automatisms related to corporate communications, the abbreviation CTI appears very often in our texts. But what exactly is CTI?

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CTI in the Land of the Rising Sun with link|that Cube

The challenge

With service center units on five continents – from the USA to Japan – Sivantos faced a major challenge. The heterogeneous telephony systems had to be reconciled. Therefore, a central installation in Germany was planned, with which additional countries could be easily added as new clients at any time.

The solution

The heart of the new strategy is the CTI middleware link|that Cube, a transparent integration solution for heterogeneous communication systems. Agents use the associated softphone from link|that directly in the Salesforce interface and can thus control SAP and Skype calls effortlessly.

By linking the contact center solution with Salesforce and various TC systems across the company, customers and partners can be served faster and better from now on.

What does the customer say?

Martin Boldt, Head of Customer Service at Sivantos reports on the success of the project: “link|that was the only company among a large number of applicants that was able to build a homogeneous communications landscape for us in line with our requirements.”

“Due to the complete integration of the link|that contact center solution with our CRM system Salesforce and several PBXs, incoming calls via SAP Contact Center, for example, can now be effortlessly transferred to colleagues in Skype for Business, and all presence information is visible in the linkThat softphone. No matter where in the world an agent is on the phone, and no matter which tool he or she is using – all information such as availability, waiting times and queue status is always available. The Cube has been doing its job flawlessly since day one.”

Potential & Outlook

Since the start of the project in 2017, when Germany and Japan were connected, other Sivantos locations on different continents followed. Australia, the USA, England, France, China, New Zealand and Singapore have already been integrated; Brazil is already in the planning phase. The multi-client capability of the solutions ensures short project lead times.

The Fully Automatic Processing of the Austrian Service Check


The challenge

The service check is designed to provide quick, secure and unbureaucratic payment and insurance for marginal employment. However, processing the large volume of submissions presents a massive challenge with high time requirements

The solution

In cooperation with Kapsch and the Insurance Institution for Railways and Mining, we have further developed the processing of service checks. The solution, which is being used in the healthcare sector for the first time, is based on Artificial Intelligence with link|that PRISM, which allows handwritten submissions to be processed automatically.

Learn more about the project and the benefits in this video:

The Intelligent Caller Distribution for the Austrian Health Insurance Fund

project uno


Since the merger of the Austrian regional health insurance funds into the Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK), there has been a central contact point for all concerns of insured persons. To ensure that they quickly reach the right experts, our automatic switchboard helps ÖGK even before the call is answered.


Since ÖGK is now responsible for all federal states at the same time, the central hotline receives an enormous volume of calls. Especially at peak times, callers may be on hold longer than expected. In order to make good use of this waiting time, ÖGK has decided to use link|that’ software to deliver questions to the callers. By answering them, they can reach the right destination more quickly.

Solution potential

In the age of smartphones, “Press 2 for Lower Austria” has had its day. That’s why a completely voice-based solution is being used. link|that ECCO Attendant relies on artificial intelligence and the latest advances in speech understanding. The caller’s statements are interpreted and the correct target is determined accordingly.

Implementation & Outlook

The seamless integration into ÖGK’s existing contact center system was achieved in close cooperation with IT-Services der Sozialversicherung GmbH (ITSV). Since the first day, the system works around the clock and brings 8 out of 10 callers directly to the right team. All voice data is interpreted live during the ongoing call and is not stored permanently.

Thanks to the high stability and success rate of link|that’s solution, further projects are already being planned at ÖGK and ITSV. Artificial intelligence effectively supports employees in this case and at the same time provides a more pleasant calling experience for the insured