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Voice channel power

Gain a 60 % performance increase with seamless new strategies

Take your service and sales teams to the next level by adapting modern strategies. Discover how to take  productivity to the next level.

Boost the potential of your service and sales teams

With intuitively designed tools that integrate effortlessly into your existing working environment, you can hit the ground running without long training periods.

New possibilities for your customer conversations

Take advantage of automatic routing, real-time keyword spotting & sentiment and content analysis.

Before, During & After the Call

LinkThat ECCO

Before the Call:
Intelligent Voice Routing

ECCO Attendant

“Press 1” has had its day. The AI-powered operator with speech recognition finds out what the call is about even before it is delivered. Let’s use waiting time wisely!

During Calls:
Live Keyword Spotting

ECCO Advisor

Key topics are identified in real time during the conversation and helpful actions are triggered. This makes communication easier, faster and more customer-friendly.

After Calls:
Reporting & new KPIs

ECCO Analytics

Conversation climate as a new key indicator: ECCO creates keyword reports and sentiment analyses. This gives you important new performance and comparison values.

ECCO Attendant in Action

Watch an example of how customers reach their goal easily with intelligent routing.
11 %
routed automatically
< 9.9 s
until keyword popup
10 s
saved per call

Your individual setup

We will gladly send you specific information about your setup. How would you like to use ECCO?

ECCO Advisor in Action

Take a look at what benefits you can expect from keyword spotting in real-time.

Let's get in touch

All the features of ECCO are best experienced during a live demo session. Please feel free to contact us about a date, or with any questions and details about your project.

Get to know ECCO

Get all details on ECCO or request a live demo directly!

ECCO Live Demo Recording

Watch a recorded live demo of all ECCO features.
Experience new AI features and see how agents can benefit from them.


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