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The smart companion for all service requests

The best support on all contact channels

Shift answers the inquiries of your customers and partners directly on all contact channels. Interfaces enable effortless integration into your existing solutions.

Whether it’s email, social media, chat or on the phone, customers get the right answers immediately with Shift, while service representatives can devote their time to more complex tasks.

Automated responses enable optimal service, even for the highest volume of requests.

For all industries & all inquiries

 Match the performance of your service units to increasing demand.

shift customer service ai

This is the new Shift

Within a few hours, Shift is able to learn new answers from your current project, and brand new topics are ready to use in 1 to 3 weeks. Shift has already done all the costly and time-consuming preparatory work. Now it scores with flexibility.

Find out what benefits are waiting for your specific use cases.

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Your benefits


One of the biggest advantages Shift has to offer: it’s trained and operated in Europe. Shift is developed and maintained by experts in Vienna. You always know where the data comes from and where & how it is used.


Whether in training or in operation, Shift is convincing with speed: requests are handled in real time. This means that customers receive an immediate response and can react directly.


Shift’s linguistic skill is similar to that of large language models, just like¬†ChatGPT. However, it gets the actual knowledge thanks to the secure AI training with experts. This eliminates the possibility of errors.

6 key benefits of Shift

Intent detection (also multi-intent) on all contact channels

Delivers fully and partially automated responses

Pre-trained, industry-specific models


From kick-off to go-live in only 1 to 3 weeks

enjoy work

Integration with backend systems (CRM, ticketing, knowledge base, …)

High quality, no “hallucination”, guaranteed success rates

Let's get started!

Our local partners in Vienna and Munich will work with you to find out how Shift can make your customer service more efficient. Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

Ready for Shift?

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