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link|that Prism
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Artificial intelligence (AI) with link|that Prism
link|that Prism is a tool box, which draws from a wide range of applications of Artificial Intelligence. Classification, document processing, digitization and other tools are the cornerstones of innovative solutions, which would not possible without Neural Networks.
CONTENT is responsible for evaluating and reading documents which exist in image formats such as PDF or JPG. PRISM CONTENT processes graphical content such as logos and tables, predefined content such as dates, names, addresses and customer IDs - also based on their position within the document. » Fact sheet
CLASSIFY is the best solution for the classification of items such as documents or pictures. The mapping algorithm for identifying specified classes is based on the recognition of graphic design, the proportions, the orientation and the use of text passages / keywords in the items which are being processed. » Fact sheet
Multilingual communication solution for interacting with customers and foreign-language employees. State-of-the-art technologies such as Speech-to-Text, Artificial Intelligence and Voice Robotics allow you to communicate in more than 120 languages with PRISM CHOREO: In spoken language, as text message, as e-mail, as web application or integrated into existing solutions. » Fact sheet
ASSIGN ICD-10 matches diagnoses with the corresponding codes of the ICD-10 catalog (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems of the WHO). The algorithm can also process abbreviations and medical terminology. The solution is available as a stand-alone and as a cloud solution. » Fact sheet
HAND WRITE recognizes handwritten digits in scanned and electronic documents and images and digitizes them for further processing. » Fact sheet
PRIVACY enables the handling of personal data in a responsible way, avoiding the violation of personal rights and guaranteeing data protection compliance. PRISM PRIVACY depersonalizes data and makes them usable for many further business processes, such as for statistics, reports and marketing tasks. Data processed with PRISM PRIVACY can be disclosed to third parties. » Fact sheet
link|that Prism in Action
Prism HAND WRITE is the AI solution for the Austrian Dienstleistungsscheck (service check). The solution provides an automatic processing of handwritten service checks, which was previously done manually.

In cooperation with Kapsch and the VAEB (Austrian Social Insurance Authority for the Austrian Railways and Mining Industry), we developed the new service check processes. The checks provide a quick, safe and unbureaucratic remuneration and insurance of minor employment. This solution, which is used for the first time in health care, is based on Artificial Intelligence with LinkThat Prism, which interprets handwritten input automatically.link|that Prism.
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