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Tailor-made software can lead to revolutionary advances in research. Our solution Prokris for evaluating questionnaires links medical examination data with research findings.
Database for questionnaires
Prokris is a web-based database software, which links medical data to data from evaluations automatically. Prokris was developed for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and is being used at the largest health study in Austria.
Simple handling and SPSS interfaces
Prokris is innovative and easy to use. The automatic evaluation of data and the ability to simultaneously access the software regardless of location are some of its key benefits. With the press of a button the data can be exported and analyzed in SPSS.
Anonymous and flexible
Plausibility checks and automatic creation of sub-groups are great features for extensive studies. Data from study participants is saved anonymously - but it can be re-assigned correctly even after many years. The high flexibility of the software allows for numerous applications, especially in the e-health sector.
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You can reach us via phone +43 (1) 3344044 and email office via linkthat to eu.
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Customers & Partners

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute / Otto-Wagner Hospital

Prim. Dr. OC Burghuber, head of LEAD study at Otto-Wagner Hospital

"link|that turned out to be a comprehensive source for IT solutions - planning, development, deployment, maintenance and customer service - we feel greatly supported in this Herculean task, which will surely bring a lot of valuable information for the health of our population."

Website: http://bim.lbg.ac.at
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte

The Austrian LEAD Study

Prim. Dr. OC Burghuber, head of LEAD study

"The close cooperation with link|that ensures that the IT professionals know exactly what is important in the research and that they can apply quick changes in cases of emergencies."

Website: http://www.leadstudy.at
The Austrian LEAD Study

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Pneumologie

Website: http://www.ogp.at

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Prokris is handling 10,000
volunteers at Austrian LEAD study
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