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link|that Workforce Management
The first step towards successful customer support is to ensure the right communication partners are available when needed.
Workforce scheduling in the Cloud
link|that Workforce Management is a cloud-based scheduling software. It brings together the appropriate number of skilled service agents and the specific client enquiry at all times. Optimized planning generates satisfied customers while costs are kept to a minimum.
Full control over all planning stages
With WFM you can effortlessly create complex shift schedules covering multiple service teams. Each month is processed in three stages: The planning phase, the release and ongoing adjustments. With customizable shift and duty types the management of resources gets tailored to your needs.
WFM learns from history
We explore innovative ways to simplify your planning tasks using available information: By analyzing your existing telephony data (call duration, peak hours, breaks, etc.), for example. Accessing historical data allows us to provide you with suggestions for staffing optimizations.
Employee needs are integrated seamlessly
Before you begin with the monthly planning, employees have the opportunity to specify their desired service hours. And as soon as all plans are finalized, the agents can simply use the print or download function to access their plans without any detours.
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Customers & Partners

SV Service Center, ITSV

Rosa Pinz. Project manager of SV Service Centers, ITSV, Austrian Social Insurance:

"Our partner link|that has succeeded in building a complete service center in a very short time. It combines the best out of two worlds: The efficiency and flexibility of a modern service center with the quality and expertise of the staff of the Austrian Social Insurance".

Website: http://www.itsv.at
SV Service Center, ITSV, Sozialversicherung GmbH
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