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No matter if image, writing, speech or measured value - if Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses training material in a meaningful way, challenges can be solved in a completely new way. link|that, headquartered in Vienna, uses AI to optimize tasks and service processes.

After successful image and document processing, the analysis of speech has been integrated into the portfolio in recent years. Both in real time and with historical data, algorithms open up a variety of exciting possibilities. Contact center environments benefit from them to a particular extent.

"Today complex technical terms and dialects can be reliably interpreted. And this in over 100 languages," says Manfred Pigl from link|that. "In the contact center, link|that supports callers and service staff in real time. The employee is reminded of essential information and questions; the caller´s answers are automatically validated".

Some application examples: By checking content in real time, it can be ensured that all necessary compliance guidelines are adhered to. Were necessary comments made? How did the caller react? The AI system also keeps a constant eye on whether a special offer should be pointed out. In this way, employees never miss an opportunity for cross- or up-selling.

"AI reacts particularly dynamically to changes in conversations. Valuable conclusions can also be drawn from the sum of all calls made by a contact center," explains Manfred Pigl, "A sentiment analysis shows how the mood of callers develops in the course of calls: Was the last third of the conversation more positive than the rest? AI always has an overview and shows potential for improvement".

link|that is a brand of YouCon GmbH. Thanks to its practical experience, link|that recognizes the application potential of AI in all areas. Customers benefit from industry-specific know-how and short project lead times. True to the motto: "Guaranteed success instead of experiments".

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