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link|that EVA -
AI Assistant
  • An AI supporting sales teams
  • Voice control for quick access to information - e.g. in the car
  • Sends data and documents to mobile phones via email or SMS
  • Organizes meetings and takes notes afterwards
Your Personal Assistant
EVA - the secretarial solution, provided by a speech robot. EVA focuses on supporting customer service representatives, who otherwise would not receive adequate secretarial support.

She allows mobile employees to receive secretarial services such as sending information or, for example, setting up meetings via spoken instructions. By integrating it into the company's IT, employees also have full access to their sales tools and can update them on the go.
Application Areas
EVA is used wherever there is a need to support employees with secretarial services. EVA is operated by the user via speech recognition. You can do this by calling EVA's phone number from any device or using a smartphone app. Information can be provided to the user directly or via text message and email.

EVA understands you!
Got a question?
EVA is a powerful tool to improve the support of employees through back office services.

Our Artificial Intelligence experts will be happy to answer any questions: office via linkthat to eu.
You can also send us a quick message:

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