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For over ten years, YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH has been providing solutions for sales and service units. The company's portfolio is now expanded by a flexible multichannel integration concept, which is presented under the new international brand LinkThat: Integrated Contact channels such as telephony, email and chat are the focus of the expanded product catalog. The goal is that media and information breaches are replaced by logical integrations.

"Since we have been supplying the market for a decade and our knowledge reaches even further back, we want to take a clear position on the occasion of our anniversary: ​​The route from detached data and inhomogeneous software to a comprehensive integration of all available solutions," says CEO Peter Kugler. "The LinkThat brand is descriptive of our vision and our newly arranged portfolio. LinkThat can be understood by our customers as a motivation to strive for full integration in their company: Link that CRM Solution; link that Skype installation; link that old PBX machine! Networking is more important than ever before - even for technology".

LinkThat is the logical continuation of "Unified Integrations", an initiative to connect CRM/ERP and communications solutions. Under the LinkThat brand, the connected channels now support all software solutions and third-party systems, while client-to-client integration allows users to share information between their own products and third-party applications.

"New channels, new devices and ever new software tools are flooding the market. The workplace of a service and sales agent is already overloaded with information. Our client-to-client integration saves valuable work time and nerves when switching between multiple applications - copying data is done with just one click", says Head of Development Noman Khairul. "The powerful concept behind LinkThat is possible thanks to our experience in a variety of multichannel environments: we have already developed the necessary interfaces for all important contact channels and can ideally control information flows".

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