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5 Questions:
Tina Waldner


1. In which team do you work for link|that?
I am in the team leadership of the Label Team. We are affectionately called the “Label Ladies” by our clients and colleagues because we are an all-female team. Our job is to prepare training data for neural networks and control the output of the AI depending on the project.

2. What is particularly important in your team, what do you pay attention to when dealing with each other and with customers?
Respect and reliability. These points are the be-all and end-all – not only in our team, but in life in general. In my opinion, the best people have found each other here. We have a huge cohesion. If someone drops out, someone else steps in and we help each other where we can.

3. If you were in a band, which instrument would you play?
My instrument would definitely be my voice -so I would be a singer in a metal band, because I love singalongs, shouts, screams and breakdowns. Unfortunately I can’t do all that at all. At concerts I even (in retrospect) always feel sorry for the people who had to stand next to me. Because there I sing already. And loudly, incorrectly, but with endless enthusiasm. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll learn it after all?

Some of Tina’s favorite books

4. What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?
Reading books – because: I LOVE READING! Thrillers (Sebastian Fitzek, Andreas Gruber), detective stories (Sherlock Holmes) or horror stories (Stephen King) are best and preferably in paperback (or hardcover). A nice token of love from my husband was when he said the following words to me: “Let’s get rid of the desk and buy you some more bookshelves”.

5. What would you rather be able to do – speak all existing languages or time travel?
Definitely time travel – but please with the 10th Doctor from the series Doctor Who. Especially the past I find interesting. I prefer to be surprised by the future. Three things the Doctor and I would do then?
1. Visit the dinosaurs.
2. Watch the building of the pyramids. I think that would be really impressive.
3. Learning languages, because then I could repeat courses or units without anyone noticing. And everyone would wonder why I learn Finnish so quickly, for example.


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