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A Single Platform
for all CTI Needs

From CTI Integration to your AI-powered Contact Center
Flexibility in the first place

More than just "state of the art"

With the modular and intelligent CUBE you create a contact center for unique customer experiences. State-of-the-art interfaces ensure compatibility with all common telephony and CRM systems. Each module of link|that CUBE can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing environments. This makes our communication solution future-proof and flexible. 

Professional CTI

Connect your CRM with your contact center: Use intelligent automatisms and optimize your communication processes.

link|that Contact Center

Our omnichannel contact center visualizes all processes and is the control platform for the telephony of your service- and sales teams.

Intelligent softphone

With many features and personalized call assistance, your agents will be supported throughout their calls.


With the help of our artificial intelligence ECCO, your teams get new opportunities to improve and simplify your company's services.

Special Highlight

Use waiting times for customer management

The artificial intelligence module ECCO offers real-time keyword recognition in addition to many new analytics on caller sentiment. ECCO fetches important information before your agents even take the call.

Play Video

This 2 minute video gives you insights into the possibilities during the queues.

Comprehensive Key Features
for Service & Sales Teams

Your service and sales employees are supported in their daily calls in real time with insights and recommendations. Established automatisms help to continuously improve the service and reduce all efforts at the same time.

Your team gets a 360° customer view while keeping the familiar CRM interface. Your customers’ data is automatically provided when you answer the call. A manual search is no longer necessary for your agents during the calls.

From the utilization of your system to the availability of your agents, you always have an overview of all important information in real time. This gives you full control and allows you to optimally manage all resources according to actual demand.

From key insights to sentiment analysis:
take advantage of our AI to draw conclusions from the content of every conversation. Comprehensive dashboards give you insightful information and are perfect for your reporting.

The sentiment of the callers can already be very different at the beginning of the calls. Our KI module ECCO tracks how the mood changes within the calls and which topics are perceived particularly positively or negatively.

IVR software with speech recognition and AI functions shortens the time it takes to find solutions for your customers. With intelligent routing, your data automatically reaches the right recipient and relieves your agents at the same time.

Let us support you in creating routing rules and benefit from optimal control of communication with your customers in the contact center. The presence status of your employees is automatically synchronized and provides continuous information about who is available.

Comprehensive supervisor functions for easier group management facilitate, among other things, the onboarding and training of your employees. This gives you many new options for individual coaching and targeted QA assurance measures. 

The link|that CUBE integrates all other contact channels such as e-mail, fax, chat and social media channels as an interface in addition to telephony. This gives you comprehensive options for communicating with customers on a clear interface.

While many systems can evaluate your calls historically and recognize key words, we go a big step further with our CUBE: Our AI tracks the conversations in real time and provides your agents with valuable tips and insights during their calls live.

The most important benefits of the link|that CUBE.

High return on investment

The large number of automatisms makes your agents’ daily work easier and leads to a significantly shorter processing time per call. This also leads to a higher productivity of the individual departments as well as to a higher motivation of your teams.

Many new insights

Do you want to know which call contents are particularly frequent at peak times and how the mood of the callers during these calls proceeds from the beginning to the end? With link|that CUBE you get insights of unprecedented quality and depth.

Targeted conversation support

Your team gets a 360° customer view while keeping the familiar CRM interface. Based on the real-time recognition of self-selected keywords, your agents receive valuable tips and assistance from our AI live during the conversation directly via the softphone.

Customized solution

Due to the modular structure of our CUBE, you can continue to use your existing solutions and still have all the described functions for your agents. This saves money, time and effort.
Our team is at your side with the experience of over 15 years.

Flexible scalability

From the size of your existing teams, to the expansion by new departments or international offices:
The link|that CUBE is therefore flexibly designed so that integrations and extensions can be made quickly and easily at any time. 

High future proofness

The link|that CUBE has been under constant development for 15 years and already contains one of the most comprehensive AI modules for telephony. The unique CTI interface is compatible with all current solutions from other providers and ensures technological independence.

What our Customers say

Flexibility First

Your Customers at your Ear,
your Data in View

The Cube integrates all contact channels such as telephony, e-mail, fax, chat and social media requests. Thanks to the efficient customer recognition and the automatically displayed contact history including the data from the CRM, all employees in the service center can optimally respond to your customers and no longer have to perform manual searches during the calls. 

The link|that Softphone
Combines all CC Features

The LinkThat Softphone is your central communications hub. It covers all telephony features, while also combining all interfaces to third-party serivces. 

Profit from customer recognition and presence and queue information wherever you are. All telephony controls are provided, as well as the ability to do screen and case transfers. The latter sends open tabs as call attachments to colleagues.

One Cube,
many Options

Technology Partnerships

Our Valued CTI Partners


In order to offer our customers the best possible solutions, we work together with various technology partners.