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This is LinkThat

We make processes and communication more efficient by understanding them holistically. To do this, we combine expertise from project management with in-house AI, Voice over IP and software development. Teamwork and continuous learning are our focus are our focus. This is how we ensure that our teams enjoy solving new challenges and build up an ever-growing pool of experience.

Our working methods

  • Analytical approach  –  For the greatest possible added value of our projects.
  • Entrepreneurial  –  We take the initiative for our customers with fresh thinking and new ideas.
  • Trusted  –  We work closely and openly with our partners and customers for the best possible support.
  • Easy to work with  –  With simple, efficient processes and clear communication.

Good consulting thrives on the experience, energy and ideas of everyone involved. Our team is very versatile in terms of backgrounds, personalities and skills. Because we are convinced: Diversity makes us better!

Let's get to know each other

A quick look at the faces that make LinkThat what it is.

Peter Kugler

Managing Director

Markus Gmeiner

Executive Management

Matthias Krüger

Managing Director

Róbert Šoffa

Managing Director

Martin Haushofer

Sales Director

Manfred Pigl

Sales Artificial Intelligence

Noman Khairul

Head of Software Development

Harald Kerschhofer

Head of Marketing

Sabine Steinhauer

Executive Assistant
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Software Users in 20+ Countries
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Career at LinkThat

Become part of the LinkThat team and write your own story with us. Commitment, passion and team spirit are our focus. This is the basis for our work.

If you are interested in open positions with us click here.

Interviews from and with our team

creative processes with AI

How artificial intelligence is changing the world of work

In this interview, Harald Kerschhofer reveals the role generative AI plays in our day-to-day work and how we use it in the marketing department.

5 Questions with Agnes

About playing drums, drawing portraits and AI control. Agnes from the label team gives us her answers to the 5 Questions.

5 Questions with Bettina

Our team is growing all the time. This time Bettina from Marketing answers our 5 questions and gives a little insight into her everyday life.

Customer service is our passion. Our years of experience make us experts on this topic. Only when the responsibilities and tasks of people and technology are integrated seamlessly, the resulting processes can guarantee satisfied customers. Our expertise ranges from the automation of your processes through Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence to the implementation of VoIP software and CTI integration.

We understand that no two customers are the same. Whether standard or customized programs – we are able to draw from many years of practical knowledge.

Our customers appreciate our willingness to find solutions outside the box and the quality which we deliver. This is in line with our goal of being a reliable service partner.

Peter Kugler


My responsibilities, and those of my team, regard the integration of voice-over IP solutions into existing network infrastructures.

This way telephony and computing are linked. Let us find the best VoIP solution for your company together and implement it.

I’m looking forward to our conversations.

Markus Gmeiner


We often reflect about us and our work, so we can maintain and offer high performance levels.

As our customer you take on a key role in this process. Only if we listen to you carefully, we can understand what really moves you. Then, we can jointly implement projects and develop a successful partnership.

We are looking forward to many interesting conversations with you.

Matthias Krueger


My interest in Artificial Intelligence and Software Development was sparked while I was studying Mathematics. These worlds are all closely related.

My responsibility is to make sure that our software products are designed exactly for your requirements. To achieve this, it is necessary that complicated topics are made very easily accessible to the user and that repetitive tasks are automated.

Yours Róbert Šoffa


Successful customer service is the art of simplifying communication processes, facilitating the service staff, while minimizing costs and pushing customer satisfaction at the same time. To accompany and assist you in this challenge is my drive, my challenge and my joy.

Today’s customer management is characterized by complex requirements and ever-growing service processes. High availability on a wide range of communication channels (phone, email, social media) paired with competent support are what customers demand nowadays more than ever.

Let us put the wealth of technical possibilities to use and develop solutions to increase the agility of your service and sales staff, so we can vastly improve the customer service experience of your company!

We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Martin Haushofer


“The ideas are not responsible for what people make of them” (W.Heisenberg)

Systems and applications based on Artificial Intelligence are already part of our everyday lives: Industrial robots that do heavy or monotonous work, smart computers that can process huge amounts of data in a short time, or virtual assistance systems that have become our daily companions.

We at link|that develop and implement AI-based solutions for our clients. Our core competencies are the automated processing of text documents, image and speech recognition and industrial applications.

Do you have a creative task, do you have to reduce the costs of labor-intensive processes? Talk to us!


Simple and innovative products are often based on much more thought and refinement than one might expect at first glance. Our focus in the delevopment of new products lies on team work and the constant flow of new ideas from all the people involved.

At the same time we are in constant contact with the customer, so that the end result turns out to be exactly what the customer had in mind. We don’t hesitate to contribute our own ideas, so we can discover the optimal path leading to the best possible software.

My team looks forward to your challenges!

Noman Khairul


From web development to audiovisual productions to research with artificial intelligence: The challenges at LinkThat always remain exciting! That’s why I’ve been on board for over 15 years and why I’ve enjoyed growing alongside the company.

I now carry this accumulated experience to the outside world in marketing. It’s a pleasure to chat about LinkThat’s products, because behind them are diverse, international teams that are motivated to find new solutions.

Our goal – whether in the area of customer communication or artificial intelligence – is to make technology work for people.


It is important to work together with the right people, appreciate them and motivate them. Long-term success is only possible as a team.

Assistance, organization, accounting, personnel planning, marketing and event management, the practical use of my ideas, combined with new thoughts, ways and solutions.

Rethink, deepen, change and improve.

All of this awaited me here twelve years ago. And I gladly accepted these tasks.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Sabine Steinhauer



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