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women shopping online is a form of electronic commerce from a seller over internet.

E-commerce & sales

In e-commerce and sales, really good customer service is critical. Discover how LinkThat products can help your business improve service and effectively leverage cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Excellent customer service for e-commerce & sales with AI-powered technology

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and sales, providing world-class service can set you apart from the competition. Our Contact Center with AI, LinkThat CORE, fulfills all requirements you need to compete and triumph in this rapidly changing and growing market. The omni-channel solution gives you a 360 degree-view of your existing and potential customers. Use outbound campaign efficiently and don’t miss any opportunity with callback functions and upselling strategies.

Our AI-powered products, like LinkThat ECCO and LinkThat SHIFT, speed up and refine customer inquiry handling, enriching it with valuable new strategies. By automatically detecting customer intent and providing relevant information, your teams can respond more effectively to customer concerns. This leads to an increase in your sales figures and customer satisfaction.

Your benefits at a glance


Because our systems understand prospects' concerns in real time, they're ideal for delivering leads on additional options and products - at the critical moment. So you'll never miss an opportunity again.


Our tools are made to integrate
seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.
They work harmoniously with other applications, such as solutions from SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.


With LinkThat you are optimally
prepared for future growth.
Our solutions are modular in design
and can therefore be flexibly adapted to meet dynamic needs.

Live support on the phone

LinkThat ECCO provides your employees with live call support. ECCO understands and recognizes your customers’ concerns in real time. Your employees automatically receive the right product suggestions that fit your customers’ needs and can subsequently increase sales.

It also means that critical cross-selling and upselling opportunities pop up on the agent’s screen at exactly the right time, to match the conversation. Keyword reporting and sentiment analysis also help you keep an eye on your performance.

LinkThat SHIFT completes your customer service. As a smart companion, SHIFT answers all inquiries on all channels – automatically in milliseconds. The AI solution is ideal for industries with a high volume of customer inquiries by resolving concerns and enabling your employees to answer complex tasks.

Integration with existing systems for seamless e-commerce processes

With LinkThat CUBE you can seamlessly connect telephony and software systems. All popular CRM and ERP systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP can be easily integrated. This enables smooth communication and optimized sales processes that take your customer service to a new level.

The CUBE is available for all major telephony and CRM/ERP systems.

Finding the best solution together

With our versatile AI solutions, your customer service and sales will be optimized all around. Efficient support relieves your employees and creates a perfect experience for your customers.

Take the initiative now! Write us and learn how our solutions can contribute decisively to the optimization of your core business in e-commerce and sales. With two decades of experience in a wide range of industries, together we will find the best solution for your needs.

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