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Get a head start with Microsoft Teams

Use Teams for your internal and external communication. We help you to integrate your telephony and customer data with Teams in the best way possible.

Get the most out of Teams

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Microsoft Teams for customer service

Are you looking for the best communication solution?
We would love to help you decide!

We’ve been providing customer service software and services for nearly two decades, and we know what makes our customers work best. Let’s find out together how your chats, office telephony and correspondence can be solved in the most useful way.

Microsoft Teams offers several key advantages:

  1. Easy access – With the cloud subscription, you can get started right away.
  2. Extendable – Many applications offer plugins for Teams.
  3. Future-proof – Teams is building a very high market share right now and will become even more relevant in the coming years.
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First steps with Teams

You’ve probably already had some experience with teams yourself. As an administrator, however, it quickly becomes obvious: The abundance of possibilities can also be overwhelming. That’s what our experts are here for!

We help you during every step:

  • Find the right license model.
  • Set up teams for all employees & service units in a meaningful way.
  • Implementing an existing or new telephony solution in and with Teams.
  • Merge all important contact channels in Teams – whether with plugins or individual solutions that we program.
  • We are at your side for all future developments!

Unleash the advantages of Teams

With Teams, Microsoft has created a platform that is

  • easily accessible for everyone
  • and extremely flexible.

The potential of this solution will surprise you again and again!

microsoft teams telefonie integration

All your benefits at a glance

We specialize in finding the right starting points for you to:

  • Save resources and time
  • Integrate your (customer) data in a meaningful way
  • Use new developments with Artificial Intelligence in a flexible way
  • Make processes measurable and automated.

The all-in-one solution for telephony

Probably the most important key to success with Teams is proper integration with your telephony world. Whether it’s directly with Teams, with third-party cloud providers, or through integration with any traditional PBX (CISCO, Avaya, Alcatel, Unify, etc.): Our voice experts will help you realize the most value.

In this video, you’ll see how we linked telephony in Microsoft Teams with customer data from SAP thanks to our CTI software. Each call is stored in SAP Sales & Service Cloud and the data of each case is immediately available.

We offer this integration for all major CRM systems: SAP CX Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, zendesk, etc.

Details about our CTI solution LinkThat CUBE are available on its product page.

Artificial Intelligence for a better service experience

The next logical step is to use the latest AI technologies for your telephony. With real-time speech recognition, there are many new possibilities that save everyone time, nerves and money.

Our AI empowers your processes – before, during, and after calls:

  • Intelligent routing asks callers questions while they wait, or resolves concerns all by itself.
  • Real-time keyword spotting triggers helpful actions when topics are mentioned.
  • Keyword and sentiment data is available for evaluations and reporting.

Visit our LinkThat ECCO page to see all Voice AI features in action – demos are always available!

New key values for reporting

Since all data sources can flow together in Microsoft Teams, it is the ideal place for meaningful evaluations.

  • Quantitative & qualitative values from all contact channels
  • Automatic sentiment and topic reporting for telephony
  • Planning reliability: identify and control trends
  • Analysis of all data with AI
  • Fully privacy compliant, locally and in the cloud

Our development teams help you create the reports you really need.

Integrate Teams with your customer data


Not only Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays smoothly with teams. All the benefits can also be enjoyed with SAP CX Cloud, Salesforce, zendesk and other CRM systems in the cloud.

We seamlessly integrate MS Teams, telephony and CRM systems with each other. We have implemented all interfaces for this so that the integration can run as quickly and smoothly as possible. All steps are customized and planned with your experts for your teams.

Try it out now!

Let us find the best Teams solution together.

We can also show you the telephony integration and AI features in a live demo.

cti integration with artificial intelligence


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