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LinkThat PRISM

Automated Processes for Documents & Images

Pattern, image and text recognition, as well as many other automations for companies of all sizes

High-grade AI systems


Innovative solutions and continuous development through PRISM’s Deep Learning capabilities – with high-quality training from local experts.

New paths with experts

We have been training AI systems for companies of all sizes for many years. We are happy to share our experience with you and guarantee short project lead times.


LinkThat PRISM makes business processes with documents, attachments and images

From the automatic assignment of images, tables and documents, to the preparation, archiving and documentation –

LinkThat PRISM AI saves employees throughout the company many work steps and time.

Success Stories

clearer with


This module takes over the classification and sorting of documents according to their type and assigns them automatically. The desired content is then sent to the desired people, departments and archives or flows directly into your Auto-Mail processes. » Use Case

faster with


Content from text files and image formats such as PDFs or JPGs are read. Graphic content such as logos and tables are also recognized. PRISM automatically prepares the desired content for your processes and distributes it to the employees or systems you require. » Use Case

easier with


PRISM HAND WRITE recognizes handwritten numbers and letters in electronic or scanned documents and images. The information is automatically digitized for further processing. » Use Case

safer with


PRISM PRIVACY depersonalizes data in accordance with GDPR regulations and makes it usable for numerous business processes. This includes archiving, evaluations and marketing tasks. » Use Case

Practical Use # 1

AI based Email Routing
with Attachment Analysis

The intelligent routing with PRISM CLASSIFY correctly and automatically assesses messages in your email inboxes: Including text, images and attachments.

Content analysis with artificial intelligence makes decisions based on recognized keywords and patterns. Emails are correctly assigned or forwarded even before they are opened.

Integration into existing email systems is very simple: Once the incoming mail data has been entered, the evaluation and classification process begins. Emails are forwarded unchanged.

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Practical Use # 2

PRISM handles the Austrian Service Check

PRISM HAND WRITE is the AI solution behind the Austrian Service Check. With the AI solution developed by LinkThat, the previously manually processed, handwritten service checks are now processed automatically.

Practical Use # 3

PowerMeter for the self-reading of energy, heating, water

PowerMeter uses PRISM CONTENT and guides the consumer through the creation of a meter photo, evaluates the created photo fully automatically and enters the consumption values into the provider’s business systems:

  • Energy like power and gas
  • District heating and cooling
  • Water

In the PowerMeter cloud application, the meter reading and serial number are read with 99.9% accuracy. The readout data is forwarded to the provider’s business systems via a standard interface.

PowerMeter relies on browser and cloud-based technologies. No installation of an app is required. PowerMeter does not store any customer-related data and complies with all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Practical Use # 4

CarPark reads number plates reliably and secure

CarPark with PRISM CONTENT and PRIVACY can be utilized wherever a secure number plate recognition is required.

Possible scenarios include entry/exit control of garages and parking lots, the monitoring of parking times, as well as security applications in public areas.

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