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Financial services

Reliable and secure: Our solutions enable you to achieve first-class customer service and compliance in the financial and banking sector. 

Efficient costumer service in the financial services industry

In the financial services industry, excellent customer service is crucial. LinkThat offers customized solutions for this in the banking and finance sector. This supports employees and optimizes workflows while meeting regulatory requirements.

AI-powered technology for fast and precise responses

Our AI-powered solutions, such as LinkThat ECCO and LinkThat SHIFT, help process customer inquiries faster and more accurately. By automatically identifying customer intent and providing relevant information, your team can reap numerous benefits: It enables employees to better respond to concerns while increasing customer satisfaction. This significantly improves the quality of service in the banking and finance sector.

LinkThat ECCO gives your telephony and voice channels a workflow that makes customer conversations more efficient than ever before. The AI solution is ready for anything: whether queues, real-time keyword detection or sentiment analysis.

As an ideal complement, LinkThat SHIFT takes care of inquiries on all contact channels. Whether partially or fully automated, Shift takes care of responding to customer concerns immediately with a guaranteed success rate. With special training on the individual needs of finance and banking, Shift knows the right answers.

Integration into existing systems for seamless processes

Our CTI solution LinkThat CUBE allows seamless integration of telephony and software systems into existing and new infrastructures. By easily connecting your voice channels with popular CRM and ERP systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP CX Cloud, you achieve seamless communication across all channels. This is how you optimize your processes to take your customer service to the next level.

Your benefits at a glance


Your data security is an integral part of our software development. With GDPR compliance and server centers in Europe or directly on site,
we guarantee secure and trustworthy
work and storage.


Our Tools are made to integrate
seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.
They work harmoniously with other
applications, such as SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.


With LinkThat you are optimally
prepared for future growth.
Our solutions are modular and can
therefore be flexibly
adapted to meet dynamic needs.


Compliance and data security for the banking sector 

At LinkThat, we pay close attention to regulatory compliance and customer data security. Our solutions are designed to meet the highest security standards of our partners in the financial and banking sector and easily comply with regulatory requirements.

Successful collaboration and partnership support for the financial and banking sector

We know what matters when it comes to collaboration. With many years of experience in a wide range of industries, we work with you to find the right way forward. We take care of the fast implementation and a simple, efficient design of the processes.

Our products support your requirements out of the box: Whether on premise, in the cloud or hybrid – all data is secure, all services always accessible.

Finding the best solution together

Let’s find out how we can best support your core business. Together, we will find the perfect solution that ensures efficient customer service in the financial and banking sector.

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