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Energy & Utilities Industry

Provide the best service to your customers in the energy and utilities industry with customized solutions from LinkThat. Easily handle large volumes of customer requests and benefit from our experts with extensive hands-on project experience.

Efficient customer communication on all channels

Managing customer inquiries is a major challenge for energy and utility companies, because the customer base, as well as the number of questions and answers, is enormous. LinkThat offers solutions that optimize customer service and also simplify the handling of inquiries through various channels such as phone, chat, email and social media. Our AI-powered products ensure faster and more efficient communication, so that customer concerns are dealt with swiftly.

By using LinkThat ECCO and SHIFT in your business, requests can be accurately captured, understood, and then either resolved immediately or routed to the right departments. While SHIFT is able to respond automatically, live support from our AI systems also enables service agents to help customers more efficiently.

Process automation

Automation of routine processes is crucial to thereby increase efficiency in energy and utility companies. Our solutions, such as LinkThat SHIFT for real-time responses and PRISM specifically for document processing, enable both fully automated and semi-automated processes with AI to save time and resources and improve the customer experience.

With our innovative software, you can automate numerous processes, reduce the workload for your employees and optimize customer service at the same time. Whether it’s billing or complaint handling, our tools support you in all aspects of your core business.

Security and data protection in the energy and utilities industry

LinkThat attaches great importance to the protection of personal data in compliance with the GDPR. We offer secure solutions that meet the highest security standards. Our local support in Europe also helps with the planning of server infrastructures and the implementation of all necessary measures to ensure data protection in your company to enable a trustworthy use of AI.

By working with LinkThat, you can be sure that your data and your customers’ data is always protected. Our experts will help you implement all security measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all processes.

Your benefits at a glance


Our tools are made to integrate seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. They work harmoniously with other applications, such as the solutions of market leaders like SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.


With LinkThat you are optimally prepared for future growth. Our solutions are modular in design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to meet dynamic needs.


Your data security is an integral part of our software development. With GDPR compliance and server centers in Europe, we ensure the protection of your data as well as secure and regional storage.

Adaptable solutions

Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to meet the individual requirements of your energy and utility company. Integration with other solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce and many other providers also makes LinkThat products particularly versatile and future-proof. This task is performed by the LinkThat CUBE.

With over 15 years of continuous project experience, we can seamlessly integrate existing and new solutions into your IT infrastructure, making the transition between all technologies seamless. Our consultants will help you find the right product for your business and support you throughout the project.

Let’s get it done!

Let us find out together how we can improve your customer satisfaction and increase your efficiency even more.

Write to us to learn more about our solutions and work with our experts to develop the best strategy for your business to get your customers to their destination quickly.

Finding solution together.
An example scenario for innovative customer service: The LinkThat CUBE with AI in action

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