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In healthcare, patients and insured persons come first. We offer secure solutions that protect sensitive medical data while simplifying customer service.

Trust and reliability are top priorities when communicating with patients and policyholders. That’s why we start right there: Our intelligent software solutions are DSGVO-compliant and adhere to all security standards. This paves the way for the best advice and care.

Optimized patient care and communication

Our products support and optimize workflows without creating additional work. We take care of the seamless integration of existing systems, facilitating the exchange of information between patients, insured persons, doctors and medical staff.

Your benefits at a glance


Your data security is an integral part of our software development. With GDPR compliance and server centers in Europe or directly on site,
we guarantee secure and trustworthy
work and storage.


Our tools are made to integrate seamlessly
into existing IT infrastructures.
They provide all relevant interfaces
(e.g. SPSS, CRM, ERP) and come with unique features such as the ICD-10 classification.

Solution oriented

We are experienced in proactively addressing individual needs. We support you directly
and efficiently with our experience in the healthcare sector. Quality and customer
proximity are our hallmarks.

More than 15 years of expertise in healthcare

Technical support and innovative ideas for the e-health sector have been a cornerstone of LinkThat since its inception. Serving physicians, medical staff and insurance companies has been our specialty ever since.

For 15 years we have been supporting the Customer Care Center of ITSV, which we equipped and built up in 2008. Many of our software solutions are used there and improve callers’ service experience. Correspondence is also handled efficiently thanks to LinkThat. The constantly changing and demanding projects require a high adaptability of our systems and employees.

The Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) also benefits from our developments: LinkThat ECCO takes the insured to the right destination with AI by automatically interpreting statements correctly. This means that despite having only one service phone number, you can always get to the right place – conveniently using your own voice, without having to switch to the smartphone keypad.

A unique solution within LinkThat PRISM is the assignment of free-language medical diagnoses to ICD-10 codes. This turns even the most complex finding into a clear category to work with. As a result, this data is available for statistics, quality control and process automation. Depending on the project, documents are of course reliably anonymized in the first step.

How to respond flexibly to all service requests 

with LinkThat

With a high volume of requests, LinkThat SHIFT provides the best support across all contact channels: from email, mail, social media, on the phone, in teams or chat. SHIFT is trained specifically for your healthcare organization and automatically gives the right answers.
The AI speech solution LinkThat ECCO optimally supports your employees before, during and after calls. ECCO can be used in a variety of ways and is the ideal addition in queues and as live support with real-time keyword recognition. In addition, keyword reporting and sentiment analysis provide you with important performance data on the call climate.


With the LinkThat CUBE, telephony and CRM systems are connected in the first step to enable optimal control of customer communication. In addition, modules with AI for process optimization are available, which enable a faster response to service requests. The CUBE is individually adapted to your needs and ensures unique customer experiences with automatisms.

Local partners for trustworthy cooperation

Our locations in Vienna and Munich enable us to work closely and in a spirit of trust with our customers and technology partners. For you, this means that local experts are available to your healthcare company at all times. This allows us to provide you with optimal support in implementing and adapting solutions to individual needs.

Successful cooperation and partnership support

At LinkThat our focus is open, transparent and cooperative collaboration. With experience from two decades and various industries, we find the best possible solution together with you. In doing so, we focus on the essentials: honest advice, fast implementation and simple, efficient process design.

Finding the best healthcare solution together

Your satisfaction and that of your customers, policyholders and patients is our goal. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your service environment with our software solutions.
We look forward to working with you to find and design the best solution for your needs!
An example scenario for innovative customer service: The LinkThat CUBE with AI in action

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