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The most important KPIs for Call Centers

A positive customer experience is important for retention and at the same time for the image of your company.
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Interview: Speech Recognition in Telephony

Interview with Peter Kugler - long-time expert in this field and managing director of YouCon GmbH.
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Keyword Spotting: What new Opportunities are Opening up for Contact Centers?

Keyword spotting on the telephony channel is a completely new and powerful tool. But what can it offer?
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How do our Customers use Voice Sentiment Analysis?

For the long-term success of a brand, it is not only the immediate sales that count; the brand image also plays a major role
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Common CTI terms and their meaning

If you are not an IT expert and you are interested in a CTI solution, we have prepared a list of the most common terms.
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PowerMeter Premiered at the Municipal Fair 2021

For two days, everything revolved around the wet element for us in Tulln: we gave a live demonstration of our meter reading with PowerMeter, and visitors pumped for first place.
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