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humans and AI quality

How humans determine the quality of AI

Current developments show us how dangerous the unreflective use of AI is - and what expectations we should have of AI.
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The hype around ChatGPT and what it means for AI

ChatGPT makes AI tangible for everyone. Is the excitement about the new wonder box, which has an answer to all questions, justified?
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Video: Identifying key topics on the phone in real time and leveraging them in SAP CX Cloud

link|that ECCO is real-time speech recognition for all CRM and telephony systems. Helpful actions step in as soon as topics are mentioned.
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AI in film and TV: Why we can not get enough

Our fascination with robots and technological breakthroughs has accompanied us through the world of film and television for decades. How and why do these stories repeat themselves?
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Keyword Spotting: What new Opportunities are Opening up for Contact Centers?

Keyword spotting on the telephony channel is a completely new and powerful tool. But what can it offer?
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microsoft teams telefonie integration

Interview: How Microsoft Teams will fundamentally change office telephony

Peter Kugler talks about the future of Teams as a telephony solution. What imminent changes are expected, and where does the journey lead?
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