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Insurance Industry

Insurance companies leave nothing to chance. With our innovative solutions, we help to increase efficiency as well as customer satisfaction in the insurance industry and take consulting to the next level.

Innovative service for insurance companies

We support insurance companies with various solutions to make service more efficient and at the same time easier. This saves time, money and valuable resources.

LinkThat ECCO understands customers: the AI module enables speech and intent recognition for telephony as well as other contact channels. Thanks to text-to-speech, queries and automatic dialogs can also be designed. But the highlight is understanding topics on voice channels in real time, triggering helpful actions. Service agents from insurance companies are thus effectively supported and customers are served more quickly.

With LinkThat CUBE, we connect telephony and software systems, such as the telephony of major providers with CRM/ERP software from Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP. This facilitates the exchange of information and improves productivity in your company.

Along with all our software solutions, you will of course also receive comprehensive reporting as standard, so that you can draw the right conclusions from all business processes and evaluate every step.

Your benefits at a glance


Our tools are made to integrate seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. They work harmoniously with other applications, such as the solutions of market leaders like SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.


With LinkThat you are optimally prepared for future growth. Our solutions are modular in design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to meet dynamic needs.


Your data security is an integral part of our software development. With GDPR compliance and server centers in Europe, we ensure the protection of your data as well as secure and regional storage.

Automated processes and effective customer communication

Whether correspondence, emails or individual challenges: LinkThat PRISM enables fully or partially automated processes with AI. Insurance companies can accelerate processing time and, subsequently, customer satisfaction.

Fast and helpful information on all contact channels is enabled by LinkThat SHIFT. Content of concerns is automatically detected and assessed to provide fast and helpful information to customers. Intent recognition enables effective automation while supporting service agents in providing advice.

Both systems are characterized by their speed and precision. Requests are identified in less than 150 ms and responses are provided or sent automatically. Thanks to the meaningful AI training, “hallucination”, as known from systems like ChatGPT, is avoided completely. We guarantee success rates so that your customers are really helped.

Cooperation & security

The secure exchange of data with external partners and brokers succeeds thanks to seamless integration with customer data and ticketing systems. Our products support all modern (and if necessary even obsolete) interfaces for this purpose. CRM/ERP systems from SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce are fully supported.

At LinkThat, we place great emphasis on data protection and security. Our solutions comply with the DSGVO regulations and meet the highest security standards. In line with the requirements, we offer local installations and secure cloud setups on European servers. Thus, insurance companies can be confident that their data and the data of their customers are well protected at all times.

Individual advice and local expertise

We offer local support and expertise for your company with partners in Vienna and Munich. Our experienced staff will respond to your individual needs and help you throughout the planning of server infrastructures, the connection of software and the implementation of projects.

Together we find the best solution

Let’s work together to shape the future of your business with the latest advances!

Contact us now to find out how our solutions can support your core business. We are ready to work with you to develop the optimal solution and subsequently make your processes secure and efficient. So that nothing is left to chance.

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An example scenario for innovative customer service: The LinkThat CUBE with AI in action

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