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AI for your Telephony & Voice Channels

Take advantage of intelligent queues with automatic routing, real-time keyword spotting & sentiment analysis.

Get ready for more efficient dialogs

ECCO assists your Employees & Customers BEFORE, DURING and AFTER calls.

ECCO Attendant:
The intelligent Queue

"Press 1" has had its day. The AI-powered operator with speech recognition finds out what the call is about even before it is delivered. Let's use waiting time wisely!

ECCO Advisor:
Real-time Support

Key topics are identified in real time during the conversation and helpful actions are triggered. This makes communication easier, faster and more customer-friendly.

ECCO Analytics:
New KPIs & Insights

Conversation climate as a new key indicator: ECCO creates keyword reports and sentiment analyses. This gives you important new performance and comparison values.

ECCO Attendant

Use Waiting Times for your Customer Management

This 2 minute video gives you an insight into the possibilities of ECCO Attendant: The calculated waiting time is used to gather meaningful information and to set the right destination.

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In operation at the Austrian Health Insurance Fund: Reaching your destination with a single phone number!

85 % of callers in the queue reach the right branch office thanks to ECCO

The other 15 % reach the default service queue after the waiting time (as it would be the case without ECCO) and can then be routed manually.

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ECCO Advisor

Keyword Spotting in Salesforce

ECCO Advisor supports service agents in real-time. In this short video, the caller mentions four keywords which initiate helpful actions in the Softphone:

  • Information from a database
  • Link to a website / knowledge base
  • An email ready to be sent
  • Forwarding the call

ECCO Analytics

Keywords & Sentiment as KPIs

Benefit from keyword analyses: How often were certain topics addressed and what are new focal points for customers? Trends are automatically detected and prepared for you in easy-to-interpret reports.

Our AI also creates sentiment analyses based on the recorded phone calls. This gives you an even better understanding of your customers’ needs.  By evaluating the voice pitch, content and speech tempo of all phone calls, many new performance and comparison values are created.

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Artificial Intelligence for Speech Applications

Benefit from the advantages of our AI-powered speech-to-text solutions with ECCO. New insights and automations give you a significant competitive advantage and more efficient processes.