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LinkThat ECCO

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AI for your Telephony & Voice Channels

Take advantage of intelligent queues with automatic routing, real-time keyword spotting & sentiment analysis.

Conduct more efficient customer dialogues

ECCO improves the performance of service & sales staff BEFORE, DURING and AFTER calls.

ECCO Attendant

The intelligent queue with CRM support

ECCO Advisor

Live support during customer conversations

ECCO Analytics

Call evaluations
with new KPIs

AI and Keyword Spotting for your telephony and CRM systems​

Cisco CTI CRM Integration
Sinch Contact Center
atos unify mitel crm cti telephony
Avaya CTI CRM Integration
Alcatel CTI CRM Integration
Mitel Telephony CRM CTI Solution
NICE CX One Telephony CRM CTI Solution
cti ai for five9
Microsoft Teams

ECCO can be integrated very quickly into your CRM/Contact Center environment thanks to the LinkThat CUBE.


The live keyword functions are certified with LinkThat CUBE & ECCO for SAP Service & Sales Cloud (CX Cloud, Cloud for Customer).

microsoft dynamics
servicenow crm cti telephony

Agents also work more efficiently in Microsoft Dynamicsservicenowzendesk & other CRM systems.

Topic recognition in real time: Inside any CRM system

ECCO Attendant

“Press 1” has outlived its usefulness. The attendant with speech recognition finds out what the call is about even before it is delivered. Use any waiting time wisely.

traditional opening

“For information on existing bills, press 1; for a new contract, press 2; for problems with your product, press 3; for complaints, press … for all other concerns, please just stay on the line.”

opening with ECCO

“How may I help you?”

Use Waiting Times for your Customer Management

The dynamic ECCO Attendant automatically guides callers through the conversation, understands intentions and responds accordingly. Important data is already collected in the queue. This allows CRM records to be adjusted or tickets to be created.

Routine cases can be closed directly. ECCO understands, helps and learns from your customers. This saves you time, increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Play Video

This 2 minute video gives you an insight into a few possibilities of ECCO Attendant: The calculated waiting time is used in it to gather meaningful information and to set the right destination.


In operation at the Austrian Health Insurance Fund: Reaching your destination with a single phone number!

87 % of callers in the queue reach the right branch office automatically, thanks to ECCO

The other 13 % are greeted by the default service queue after the waiting time, as it was the case for all callers before ECCO was implemented.

ECCO Advisor

Key topics are identified in real time during the ongoing conversation & helpful actions are triggered. This makes communication easier, faster and more customer-friendly.

ECCO Advisor shortens call duration and raises quality. The performance increase attainable is 60 %.* This increase leads to a significant reduction in costs.

Play Video

Keyword Spotting in Salesforce

ECCO Advisor supports service agents in real-time. In this short video, the caller mentions four keywords which initiate helpful actions in the Softphone:

  • Information from a database
  • Link to a website / knowledge base
  • An email ready to be sent
  • Forwarding the call
Additional features of ECCO include lists of current tickets and opportunities, pre-filled ticket templates and dynamic CRM shortcuts, which match the topic.

Keyword Spotting in real-time for Salesforce, SAP CX Cloud & Microsoft Dynamics 365

Keyword spotting brings more momentum to customer dialogs. Predefined keywords are immediately recognized in live telephone calls. If the word “offer” is mentioned, ECCO takes action: It lists current promotions in the softphone, offers links with details, or suggests an email template for customers. Service staff can also be alerted to a cross- or up-selling opportunity if certain products or interests have just been mentioned.

With ECCO Advisor it can be ensured that employees always have the right information at hand according to the topic of conversation. Thanks to offered links and actions, every agent will save a lot of time and search processes. Simultaneously, on the customer side, mandatory steps like compliance notices can be validated automatically.

ECCO live keyword spotting for crm telephony

ECCO Analytics

Conversation topics & climate as new key indicators: ECCO creates keyword reports and sentiment analyses. This gives you important new performance and comparison values.

ECCO shortens the learning phase of new agents from 14 months to just 5 months thanks to live support and new analytics capabilities.*

Keywords & Sentiment as KPIs

Benefit from keyword analyses: How often were certain topics addressed and what are new focal points for customers? Trends are automatically detected and prepared for you in easy-to-interpret reports.

ECCO also creates sentiment analyses based on the phone calls. This gives you an even better understanding of your customers’ needs.  By evaluating the voice pitch, content and speech tempo of all phone calls, many new performance and comparison values are created.

Obtained data can be analyzed historically and combined with other factors and sources. This makes it possible for the first time to understand how and why customers react to certain changes.

ecco analytics dashboard

Perfect conversation transcriptions

The sentiment analysis points you to two particularly critical conversations from the previous day: What to do?

Just take a look at the transcribed conversations and immediately recognize the cause. The transcripts include speakers, pauses and punctuation marks, making them easy to read. This saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to re-listen to entire audio files. Of course, critical content can be made unrecognizable.

Fully privacy compliant

ECCO not only meets all data security requirements, it even facilitates compliance with all regulations. For example, ECCO automatically alerts callers to applicable regulations, or reminds agents during an ongoing call to mention certain notes and compliance information.

Data is processed live, not stored. And whether you want to run ECCO in the cloud or on premise, we’ll help you get everything set up in compliance with the GDPR.

What are you waiting for?

ECCO combines all advantages of AI-powered speech-to-text and text-to-speech solutions to amplify every kind of customer dialog. New insights and automations give you a significant competitive advantage and more efficient processes.

* Findings from a Stanford University study in April 2023, Erik Brynjolfsson et al. "Generative AI at Work."

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