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5 Questions with Bettina

Our team is constantly growing. This time Bettina answers our 5 Questions and gives us a little insight into her everyday life.


In which area do you work for LinkThat?

I’ve been part of the marketing team since the beginning of the year. There’s a lot of variety – from blog posts, press releases, social media channels, the overvoice of the YouTube videos and whatever else comes up in communications and online. There’s always something to do, there’s room for ideas and most importantly, I’m learning a lot because I don’t have an IT background.

What do you think is the key to good teamwork?

There are a few things that are important. Mutual appreciation, support, understanding, trust and honest communication are essential for good teamwork. Ideally there’s a similar sense of humor as the icing on the cake!

You’re in a band – what is your instrument?

There are so many impressive instruments! In a band I would experiment with new instruments and constantly bring in variety. On my wish list would be drums, double bass, saxophone, sitar and harp. The latter I actually wanted to learn as a child, which of course is not so easy when you grow up in the countryside. So I ended up playing guitar. 

What is the best book you have read?


One of my favorite authors is Herman Hesse. But among all his works, there is one that I like best: Siddhartha.
Every few years I take it off the shelf again, read it for the umpteenth time and still find new inspiration. For me, that’s true art – a book that even after you’ve read it so many times, still touches you and remains so special.


a part of the Hesse collection

What would you rather be able to do – 

speak all existing languages or time travel?

A tough decision! At first I would have said time travel, there are some moments in the past I would like to experience. Woodstock would be one of them. Speaking all the existing languages would be great too! Although it is quite appealing to basically use sign language while traveling and still get ahead.

discovering untouched places would then be quite easy...


However, after I often regret not being able to communicate with locals in their native language, I would then choose to do so. Then I could discover the most remote places, communicate easily and experience unique moments. Probably I would travel all the time and earn my money with interpreting.


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