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How artificial intelligence is changing the world of work

creative processes with AI

The arrival of artificial intelligence in the world of work brings many changes. The development of generative AI tools is progressing rapidly and they can be used in diverse ways. What does this mean for the future? How is AI reshaping the world of work and do we have to fear for our jobs?

Generative artificial intelligence offers a lot of potential for creative minds, especially in marketing. In this interview with Harald Kerschhofer, Head of Marketing, we therefore take a detailed look at the benefits of generative AI in the world of work, possible challenges and specific examples of artificial intelligence in the world of work.


How is generative AI changing the world of work in marketing?

The current AI tools are a catalyst for creativity. For us today, “AI” is already an additional team member, a tireless brainstorming partner. Tools such as GPT offer a whole range of ideas at the touch of a button. Most people will be familiar with the situation: a deadline is looming, but then of all times the muse doesn’t kiss you and you end up not realizing your full potential. With the “Kickstart” of AI, this is now easier and you can develop an idea from a wide range of ideas. Or, without a guilty conscience, ask for more ideas until you find something suitable.

Keyword “deadline”. Can you explain how generative AI changes the speed of content creation and what impact this has?

Harald Kerschhofer, Head of Marketing at LinkThat

The speed at which AI can generate content is almost equivalent to the snap of a finger. Today, a press release could be created in just a few minutes. Of course, this can only be a rough draft from which you can draw inspiration at best. But at least you’re no longer starting from scratch. This does not mean that marketing teams have to work less, but rather that they are shifting their focus. Additional time is used to refine AI-generated content, tailor it to our audiences and ensure it aligns with our brand’s voice. It would be a mistake to simply adopt generated content as is. Then you are part of a new one-size-fits-all, which also has a negative impact on SEO and Google rankings.

For us, using AI in the world of work simply means getting more done in the same amount of time, with increased quality. An example for a very impactful new tool is the range of “generative fill” options in the Adobe Creative Suite. Whether you need to change the canvas or the aspect ratio of an image, or get rid of (or add) a tiny detail in a photo: What used to take half an hour is now done in 10 seconds. This “tiny” feature makes every day work significantly easier, and we can really focus on what matters instead.

creative processes with AI
This is how GPT sees itself and its support as a creative colleague in the working world.

What role does the human element play in marketing today?

AI may be a great new colleague, but it cannot replace the human touch. A nuanced understanding of customer psychology and your brand’s core message must still be incorporated into content. At LinkThat, we see AI as a complement, not a replacement. Humans are at the helm, steering the creative direction and ensuring that the prompts we feed AI tools with are as innovative as the AI tools we create ourselves for customer service. We have always seen ourselves as the link between people and technology. This has been so true in marketing even before: we are now experiencing a synergy of human creativity and the capabilities of AI in the world of work. In truth, right now it’s all about the human element, and therefore understanding the audience and crafting messages that resonate on a personal level.

What does this mean for the near future when everyone has access to these powerful generative AI tools? How will AI change the world of work?

The media landscape could be (or already is) flooded with content as more and more companies use these tools. The real challenge is to stand out. Using such tools is not enough. It’s all about how you use them. The best brands will use AI to properly unleash their ingenuity, not to stifle human creativity.

What should companies focus on to stay differentiated in a world flooded with AI-generated content?

You have to learn to use artificial intelligence correctly in the world of work. Creativity in terms of design, strategy and personal touch is the new currency. Companies need to invest in these areas to ensure that they are not just adding to the noise, but actually enriching the dialog in their industry.

Was this interview written by a generative AI?

In the end, the only correct answer can only be: Perhaps partially, because AI has definitely inspired us.

By the way, we have also used AI to create our new visual worlds – here is a brief overview:


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