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A Single Platform
for all CTI Needs

One Cube,
many Options

Comprehensive Key Features
for Service & Sales Teams


Your service employees are supported by the link|that AI with insights and tips in ongoing conversations to constantly improve the service and user experience of your customers. 

Multi-functional Softphone

The central control unit for all telephony functions and the interface to your CRM solution and implemented data platforms. Efficient interfaces simplify your everyday work

Customer Identification &
pop Up Screen

The historical customer data is automatically made available to you directly when the call is answered. A manual search during the calls is not necessary.

CRM Integration &
Presence Information

Your team gets a 360° customer view while keeping the familiar CRM interface. The presence status of your employees is automatically synchronized.

Action Item Routing

Let us support you in the creation of routing rules and benefit from an optimal control of the communication with your customers.


In addition to telephony, the link|that Cube also integrates all other contact channels such as e-mail, fax, chat and social media channels.

Flexibility First

Your Customers at your Ear,
your Data in View

The Cube integrates all contact channels such as telephony, e-mail, fax, chat and social media requests. Thanks to the efficient customer recognition and the automatically displayed contact history including the data from the CRM, all employees in the service center can optimally respond to your customers and no longer have to perform manual searches during the calls. 

The link|that Softphone
Combines all CC Features

The LinkThat Softphone is your central communications hub. It covers all telephony features, while also combining all interfaces to third-party serivces. 

Profit from customer recognition and presence and queue information wherever you are. All telephony controls are provided, as well as the ability to do screen and case transfers. The latter sends open tabs as call attachments to colleagues.

Technology Partnerships

Our Valued CTI Partners


In order to offer our customers the best possible solutions, we work together with various technology partners.