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Shift by LinkThat

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The future of customer service

Fully or partially automated, even largest volumes of inquiries can be handled effortlessly: That is customer service of tomorrow.

The best support on all contact channels

Shift answers the inquiries of your customers and partners directly on all contact channels. Interfaces enable effortless integration into your existing solutions.

Whether it’s email, mail, social media, chat, teams or on the phone, customers get the right answers immediately with Shift, while service representatives can devote their time to more complex tasks.

Automated responses enable optimal service, even for the highest volume of requests.

For all industries & all inquiries

Meaningful knowledge

Shift has pre-trained industry-specific expertise, which is further enhanced in the project by customer-specific know-how, information and data in order to competently solve all inquiries.

Meaningful connections

Shift can be integrated into all business systems. Processes are documented and processed according to process definition, tickets are automatically opened or resolved, customer history is added, and much more.

Meaningful decisions

Shift makes sensible decisions - e.g. special issues can be forwarded to employees. All necessary data is prepared beforehand, so that the experts can solve the case immediately.

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The core functions

Intent detection

No matter on which channel a request reaches your company: Shift understands it and can recognize content correctly. Multi-intent recognition of multiple requests is also possible.

Dynamic scaling

Fully or partially automated: Shift responds exactly as your customer project needs it. Whether “human in the loop” or fully automatic – you can adjust the speed – flexibly and continuously.

Success rates

Unlike traditional generative AI systems, Shift can’t “hallucinate”, and thus can’t surprise your customers with made-up responses. We guarantee the quality of your responses.


Thanks to the industry-specific prior knowledge, you save valuable resources and benefit from the extremely high quality of the AI model right from the start. Your own data refine the recipe during training.


As interface specialists, we know all the requirements of modern software and have put these at the forefront of the development of Shift so that the knowledge can be integrated into all other systems.

Ready for market

Your service or customer project can be up and running in no time, because the most difficult steps have already been taken: Shift already knows about everyday requests and has mastered the customer’s language on all contact channels.

The benefits of Shift


Both in training and execution, Shift shines with speed: requests are handled in real time. This means that customers receive a response immediately and can also respond back directly. Depending on the request, it is also possible to respond across channels (e.g.: data sheet via email during a call).

Actually intelligent

Shift’s linguistic skill is equivalent to that of a Large Language Model – such as ChatGPT. This means that the system understands all questions and immediately finds the correct answer in the data provided. However, since it does not formulate these answers itself and does not invent anything, errors and false statements are ruled out.


The modular concept with open interfaces makes Shift the puzzle piece that complements your service environment in any case. Whether you want to integrate it into your own or third-party systems, or use our tools CUBE and ECCO simultaneously – everything is possible.


One of the biggest advantages of Shift is that it is trained and operated in Europe. Shift is developed and managed by experts in Vienna. The professional preparation of your data ensures that you always know what information is being used and shared with customers.

Shift is ready

Within a few hours, Shift learns new answers from your current project, and entirely new subject areas are ready for use in 1 to 3 weeks. Shift has already done all the costly and time-consuming groundwork. Now it scores with flexibility. 

Find out what benefits are waiting for your specific use cases.

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