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Real-time Information
for your Voice Channels

AI-powered Insights

link|that supports your company in its daily communication with customers.  Three core functions are particularly in focus and are part of every ECCO installation.

ECCO Advisor

Our artificial intelligence supports your sales and service teams on calls in real time. This makes communication easier, faster and more customer-friendly.

ECCO Attendant

"Press 1" has had its day. With ECCO Attendant, the caller experiences a significantly better UX thanks to our intelligent switching and dialog guidance with speech recognition.

ECCO Analytics

Conversation climate as a new key indicator: In addition to keywords, ECCO creates AI-supported sentiment analyses. This gives you important new performance and comparison values.

Vital Insights

Keywords as KPI

Benefit from keyword analyses: How often were certain topics addressed and what are new focal points for customers? Trends are automatically detected and prepared for you in easy-to-interpret reports.

Our AI also creates sentiment analyses based on the recorded phone calls. This gives you an even better understanding of your customers’ needs.  By evaluating the voice pitch, content and speech tempo of all phone calls, many new performance and comparison values are created.

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Artificial intelligence for Speech Applications

Benefit from the advantages of our AI-powered speech-to-text solutions with ECCO. New insights and automations give you a significant competitive advantage and more efficient processes.