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Video Demo: Real-time Keyword Spotting During Phone Calls in Microsoft Dynamics 365

With link|that CUBE, our customers handle phone calls directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With link|that ECCO, the Softphone gets additional exciting features, such as live keyword spotting. Key topics are detected with Artificial Intelligence and immediately trigger actions that are helpful to service agents.

Take a look how this all looks in action in this short video (note: ECCO is available in English, but so far the video demo was only recorded in German – we will provide the second video soon!):

For a better customer experience in Dynamics 365

Our products make service and sales calls more pleasant for agents and callers. Everyone can save a lot of time in the process. All our features ensure a smooth customer experience:

      • Customer identification directly in the softphone

      • Complete contact history

      • Keyword spotting which supports agents in real-time: hints, links, templates and more are offered instantly

      • Automatic call categorization

      • Better control through new evaluations including sentiment analysis

    With CTI and Artificial Intelligence, every contact center is perfectly positioned for all future challenges.

    Upgrade your CRM/ERP system

    The link|that softphone with all ECCO features is available for all key providers of customer data solutions.


    Find out more

    You can learn more about link|that CUBE and link|that ECCO on our product pages.

    You can also contact us in writing at any time!

    Harald Kerschhofer

    Harald Kerschhofer

    Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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