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When Compulsorily Insured become Customers: The ITSV Customer Care Center

The goal

Within only 3 months, a fully equipped service center for the telephone and written support of all 7.2 million policyholders on the core topics of the Austrian social insurance system is to be set up “on a greenfield site” and without an existing infrastructure.

Head of Customer Care unit, Walter Schierer

“The successful cooperation with our partner LinkThat has been going on for many years has enabled us to jointly build a service center that combines the best of both worlds: the efficiency and flexibility of a modern service center with the quality and expert knowledge of the employees of the Austrian Social Insurance Agency”, says Walter Schierer, head of the Customer Care Center, ITSV.

“We were able to impressively demonstrate this performance capability even during the difficult months of the pandemic”.

The challenge

This project is much more than just a service center for the social insurance system. The “compulsorily insured” becomes a customer. A legally established corporation evolves into a company that puts the customer at the center of all considerations. Proof of concept for this “change process” is direct communication with the customer via telephone. Without time delay, without the filter of a written request. From now on, customer service must be lived!

In addition to the tight schedule, an additional challenge was the ambitious goal of establishing a “service center” with a profit center orientation that can compete with competitors on the “free market” in terms of both quality and, in particular, cost efficiency.

The ITSV Costumer Care Center

LinkThat, as a specialist in the development and technical operation of service centers, offered a complete service package for this extremely ambitious project. Starting with the needs assessment, through project planning, to the actual technical implementation of all core topics. This includes in particular the set-up and maintenance of the complete telecommunications infrastructure based on a flexible, cost-effective and future-oriented Voice-Over-IP telephone system, the development, programming and implementation of customized solutions for personnel administration, quality management, information management and key figure monitoring.

In 2008, the ITSV Customer Care Center was successfully launched with the support of LinkThat. Since then, numerous other hotlines, projects and service units have been put into operation. All of which runs smoothly thanks to the high flexibility of both partners.

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