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An Alliance for Correct Classification: ALLIANZ Uses Automatic Document Processing


In order to be able to manage the constantly growing volume of documents in a meaningful way, ALLIANZ was looking for a solution for the automatic processing of invoices. link|that PRISM is the answer.


After the invoices are extracted from a batch of documents, each invoice is renamed according to ALLIANZ’s specifications for easy identification based on the document content. This is followed by storing the invoice in a directory named after the invoice recipient taken from the invoice – if this directory does not yet exist, it is created by the application.

ordered documents


The application has brought about a significant reduction in the lead time for invoice processing. Due to the relief of the employees in the specialist department from an unloved, undemanding activity, their satisfaction has been significantly increased. link|that PRISM has been running with 0% error rate since going live at the end of 2019.

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