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Myrmex Ticketing

The flexible Service Management Tool

Secure, efficient & user-friendly

Myrmex assists your customer support during service requests.


With the high adaptability of all masks, fields and datasets, even the most complex projects can be mapped quickly.


Automatic deletion of data, anonymization, and a complex authorization system. Completely GDPR compliant.


Myrmex has been reliably deployed in large service units in the private and public sectors for over 10 years.


The workflow and the individual strengths of users shape the design decisions. Myrmex grows with its customers.

All in One Solution

Service made easy

From fast ticket processing to the documentation of service processes and the evaluation of measurement data, Myrmex relieves your service helpdesk.

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Service features in a modern UI

Master service projects of any size

Flexibility is our top priority

Countless customer ideas and requests have been incorporated into the development of Myrmex. A service center must be able to react flexibly to changes and new projects at any time.

Myrmex and link|that are the ideal partners for this. Myrmex has not yet met an interface that it could not successfully integrate.

Many years of successful cooperation with our partner link|that has enabled us to jointly build a service center that combines the best of both worlds: the efficiency and flexibility of a modern service center with the quality and expert knowledge of our employees.
Walter Schierer
Area Manager
Customer Care Center

Telephony Integration with Live Keyword Spotting

The link|that softphone is seamlessly integrated with Myrmex. So you can use the telephony features of the largest telecom providers directly in your browser window. You can also take advantage of our AI-powered Speech to Text solutions, such as ECCO Keyword Spotting.

New insights and automations give you a significant competitive advantage and more efficient processes.


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