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The Main Advantages of Softphones

What are the advantages of softphones?

A softphone is software that is installed on a PC, laptop or mobile IP-enabled device. This allows you to make calls without a traditional telephone. The user interface is often based on the dial fields of a telephone and is supplemented by additional function keys according to your other programs. Voice is recorded and output via integrated microphones and speakers or via a headset.

For whom is a softphone useful?

No matter if small, medium or large companies – softphones are suitable for any company size. For startups, it’s a great and easily scalable way to avoid high initial costs for a phone system

If your company uses a CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics and many more) to handle customer data, Softphones also offer a great advantage: with a direct connection, calls are automatically documented in the CRM and during your calls you always have all customer data available without having to switch between programs and interfaces. If your softphone also has an ANI function (Automatic Number Identification), all historical customer data is displayed as soon as you answer the phone.



The LinkThat softphone with MS Dynamics integration.

The main advantages of Softphones


Cost savings

The acquisition costs for classic desk telephones and their connection are completely eliminated. You can also save the cost of regular upgrades of such systems. In combination with a cloud PBX, the cost of your phone calls will also be lower.


Better scalability

A softphone is faster, cheaper and easier to install than an analog extension. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a new client is installed and ready to go. This allows your company to respond more flexibly to the needs of employees and colleagues. This is a great advantage not only for fast-growing start-ups


Greater mobility

Softphones can also be installed for mobile devices. This way, your colleagues in the field, even on business trips abroad, can make calls via their local extension. This means that all employees can be reached by customers and colleagues at their office phone number at any time. Freelancers, field staff or employees in the home office can also be easily integrated into company processes

Greater range of functions than with classic telephones

With a direct interface to your ERP or CRM systems such as Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics or SAP, many data entries are automated and it is no longer necessary to open many programs simultaneously. With a graphical integration of your softphone, you only need one user interface for all telephony tasks in your daily work. You can also integrate artificial intelligence into your softphone for analyses and other facilitations, including live tips for call content.

Automatic updates

Innovation cycles have never been faster than they are today. With regular updates, your softphone will always have its finger on the pulse and you won’t miss out on any new features.

Need more information?

If you are interested in a business softphone solution or have further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you



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