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Digitization – Five tips for successful transformations

Technological development is accelerating. With these tips, companies can achieve a successful transformation.

Digitization – five tips

From artificial intelligence to particularly efficient data platforms and various channels of communication, the range is greater than ever before. This offers your company many opportunities to design processes even better and to make everyday work easier with automatisms. It can be a big challenge to choose the right technologies to maintain a competitive advantage or not to be overtaken by the competition.

So what can we do to ensure that we are making a wise investment and that digitization does not become an end in itself? We have five tips for a successful transformation:

1. People are the focus
2. Continuous development as part of the company culture
3. Digital roadmap & vision
4. Optimize operations
5. Evaluation and optimization

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1. People are the focus

People and technology are not in competition with each other. Choose processes for digitization that match the workflows of your employees and colleagues and make everyday work easier. Automate repetitive work steps and ensure from the outset that the system adapts to the employees and their needs and not vice versa. In this way, you bring people and technology into harmony and innovations are quickly integrated into your processes.

2. Continuous development as part of the company culture

Stay open to new ideas and let your teams participate in the design of the digital workplace. Use surveys to quickly find out what employees need. Use your own key figures to create comparative values for efficiency and satisfaction in your office and track the development. Don’t shy away from looking at your competitors and developments in other industries. The most successful initiatives sometimes lead to a complete culture change in the company and ensure that all employees feel part of the change.

3. Digital roadmap & vision

Digital transformation is not just about introducing new technologies. It is a holistic endeavor that requires an explicit vision for its use, as well as a detailed execution plan for the entire organization.

Here’s a list of things to consider in the process:

  • Overall brand strategy – what processes do I need in digital to reach my customers well?
  • Specific use cases
  • Projected ROI (return on investment)
  • Performance expectations
  • Optimization of communication
  • Can data silos be broken down?
  • IT budget
  • Resource and technology requirements
  • Operating costs
  • Expected results
  • Organizational impact

4. Optimize operations

Create new standards for procedures and processes in your organization. After analyzing the needs of your teams, it is important to look at what methodological models exist that will help you establish explicit procedures. This reduces misunderstandings during implementation and improves workflows overall. By executing projects with standardized plans, your team will become more efficient and ultimately more creative. You and your staff, or colleagues, will have more time to innovate and less time to identify and break down barriers. Share your plans with all stakeholders early on and create a strong commitment at the beginning of the project.

5. Evaluation and optimization

No matter how good a digitization strategy is, there is always room for improvement. Consistent and continuous evaluation is therefore critical for long-term success.
Collecting data is an important benefit, but only if action is also taken to optimize it. Using metrics and sharing them with all stakeholders is very important for moving forward. A company that remains transparent and dedicates resources to collecting and analyzing data can quickly gain valuable competitive advantage.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Preparing your business for digitization can be very challenging. As experts in communication solutions with high data availability and AI-powered automation, we’re happy to help with planning and implementation. If you have further questions about our tips or would like to talk about a specific project, Together we create a successful transformation.



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