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New strategies for more efficient processing of correspondence

We are expanding our automated document processing with two new functions. These enhancements are specifically designed to simplify day-to-day work in companies with a high volume of correspondence.

PRISM has been preparing all types of customer inquiries for further processing steps for more than five years and delivers them to the right destination. The solution is enriched by two functions that further increase efficiency in document processing: the recognition of repetitions and content segmentation.

The main task of LinkThat PRISM is to make content from letters, scans, forms, emails including attachments, faxes and checks accessible more quickly. Documents are analyzed, processed and assigned to the correct responsible departments. The following features ensure that correspondence is processed more efficiently, saving even more time.

LinkThat PRISM automates processes

Feature 1: Recognition of duplicates

With duplicate detection, similar and repetitive content can now be automatically identified in all documents. PRISM processes this content accordingly so that it only reaches the responsible processing department once. This saves work steps and avoids redundant responses. This results in significant time savings and increased efficiency.

The feature was developed in close cooperation with an energy supplier and can now save 15% of processing time. At the end of the test phase, the system had already correctly identified 98.5% of all duplicate content. The rate will even increase during operation.

Feature 2: Splitting document content

The second new feature is the automatic splitting of document content. This function makes it possible to recognize several different topics in one request and forward them to the appropriate processing locations. In the case of e-mails, either the original text with markings or only the relevant part can be distributed to several recipients. This enables faster and more precise processing of e-mail enquiries, as both departments immediately deal with the topics relevant to them.

“The PRISM enhancements underline our commitment to meaningful innovations that make everyday work easier.”, explains Manfred Pigl, AI expert at LinkThat. “We are responding to our customers’ current challenges and helping them to make better use of their resources.”

Supplement to existing AI functions in PRISM document processing

LinkThat PRISM retains its proven functions. The recognition and classification of content in all document types, the automatic compliance with data protection guidelines of sensitive content and the intelligent routing of documents.

The new modules were also implemented using a hybrid approach that combines artificial intelligence and program logic. “This approach allows us to achieve such high success rates.”, says Florian Jung, Head of the AI department. “Our customers receive contractually guaranteed results and can rely on the output from PRISM. The high-quality data labeling by our employees ensures this quality.”

More efficient processing of correspondence: splitting and duplicate detection now available for PRISM

Interested companies can now test LinkThat PRISM and its new functions in a proof of concept and try out all the benefits directly in their working environment.

By the way: For companies that want to drive their service processes even further forward, LinkThat SHIFT also offers a solution that enables a partially or fully automated response to all customer inquiries. Whether in chat, by email or even on the phone: SHIFT responds to customer concerns automatically with in-depth knowledge.

Bettina Zambo

Bettina Zambo

Since studying communications Bettina is working in media und produces content at LinkThat: written and spoken.

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