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POWERMETER revolutionizes the self-reading of energy, gas and water meters

POWERMETER guides the consumer through the creation of a meter photo, evaluates the created photo fully automatically and enters the consumption values into the provider’s business systems.

POWERMETER accompanies the consumer by taking a photo of the energy or water meter. This photo is automatically forwarded to the POWERMETER cloud application for processing.

In the POWERMETER cloud application, the meter reading and serial number are read with 99.9% accuracy. The readout data is forwarded to the provider’s business systems via a standard interface.

POWERMETER relies on browser and cloud-based technologies. No installation of an app is required on the consumer side.

POWERMETER does not store any customer-related data and complies with all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

POWERMETER supports the business processes of providers of

  • Energy: Power, Gas
  • District heating and cooling
  • Water
Existing standard interfaces to the business systems
  • SAP Integration
  • REST Interfaces
  • Email

1. QR Code reaches customers

The consumer receives an invitation to read the meter independently with their pone. The QR code opens the matching website.

2. Customer photographs meter

After scanning the QR code, the consumer takes a picture of the current status of the meter with the smartphone camera.

3. Done!

With this, everything is already done! Recognition and entry into the business system is fully automatic in the background.

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