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ECCO: Video Insights into Telephony with AI

Do you want to know what LinkThat ECCO really looks like? You are in the right place! We show you our intelligent operator in telephony with AI.

With ECCO, service agents are supported before, during and after calls in meaningful ways. Artificial intelligence turns speech into text (and vice versa), enabling two features: Intelligent mediation for callers and live support for agents during a call.

ECCO Attendant: Intelligent Operator

Even before a call is delivered, useful information can be obtained from the caller(s). In this way, the waiting time, which is calculated on the basis of the current telephony volume, is put to good use.

Intelligent dialog guidance saves caller and agent valuable time

ECCO Advisor: Live service support

Keyword spotting is at the heart of live support with ECCO. It detects keywords in what is being said in real time.

In the video below, these are four different keywords, each triggering a different action: The service agent automatically receives database extracts, links, or can start emails and calls directly in the softphone. Many time-consuming steps are completely eliminated.

In keyword spotting, a service agent receives support through predefined shortcuts

In this video you can also see the latest version of our softphone. Working in the background in this example is a phone system from Sinch, which we seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

If you want to learn more about LinkThat ECCO, feel free to check out the product page, or write us!

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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