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5.5 New Features in Myrmex Ticketing 5.5

A new version of our Service Management tool Myrmex is now available. For the best overview, watch the short video showing all the new features (2 minutes):

1. New User Experience with Modern Design

The new user interface of Myrmex 5 has been refined and extended: Dynamic sidebars can be displayed on the left and right and offer useful shortcuts. While editing tickets, you can get an overview of other tickets and important key data.

2. Automatic Reporting

In Myrmex 5.5, you have control over automatically generated reports. Based on search criteria, filters and other options, you can define which data should be stored in a folder on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Especially for complex reports that take a long time to create, you save valuable time. Everything happens automatically overnight and is ready the next day.

3. More Control for Users

Many settings that were previously reserved for service managers can now – if required – be placed in the hands of the user. This makes Myrmex 5.5 a more personalized experience, for greater efficiency and motivation.

The advanced resubmission feature allows individual reminders of next steps in a ticket at a specific time. Text templates have received their own menu item and have been expanded to include personal templates. Users can save phrases and building blocks that they use frequently in texts as templates and retrieve them with one click.

4. Modular Cache while Editing

If you can’t finish the ticket edit immediately, all changed data is stored securely. This includes notes written and changes made to the client or categories. This buffer can be deleted personally or by administrators, in whole or in part, should the changes ever become obsolete.

5. New Custom Fields for Tickets & Clients

The custom fields known from Myrmex 5, i.e. flexible additional fields for tickets and clients, have been extended by new functions. In addition to new field types, regular expressions can now be defined for expected field contents. For clients, contact fields (such as email and phone) can now trigger certain functions in other tools such as the link|that softphone.

5.5 external data sources for custom fields and queues

Freely configurable data sources bring two decisive advantages to Myrmex: Custom fields for tickets can be automatically filled or synchronized with external data – both during ticket creation and updates.

Based on these loaded data sets, a ticket can also be automatically moved to an appropriate queue so that the right staff members can take care of it immediately.

The update to Myrmex 5.5 is available now. You can find more about Myrmex on the Product page!

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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