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Contact Center: How to focus on your Customers


Customer relationships represent a key success factor for companies. Conducting a respectful, partnership-based relationship at eye level while realizing the customer’s needs is one of the great challenges of everyday business.

Everything is getting faster and faster, and this also affects communication. This makes it all the more important to operate a flexible platform where you don’t set up limits and hurdles in communication with bottle necks of your own making.

The challenges are many and varied:

  • How can I communicate my marketing and sales content to my customers?
  • How well do I know my customers?
  • How do we engage customers in product development decisions?
  • How do we build long-term relationships with customers?
  • How do I manage customers satisfactorily and efficiently?

In addition to the contact points that can be precisely defined in customer journeys, insights into target groups also play an important role. When it comes to developing suitable measures for the optimal customer experience, various information from mostly different sources is ultimately required.

Cross-departmental data from marketing, sales and service provide important insights to offer a personalized experience to all customers as far as possible. In addition, it is very important that interfaces and the exchange of information across different platforms function smoothly.

This is one of the digital challenges link|that specializes in.

Welcoming new and existing customers

Especially important are the moments when your company has direct contact with customers. For example, during sales calls or calls to your service center. New and existing customers appreciate it when agents can respond directly to their needs and communicate concrete suggestions. For the latter, the focus is on fast support and
uncomplicated communication of information. Existing customers who need support or information don’t want to have to explain themselves over and over again and appreciate it when your agents can respond quickly to their need.

Insights and automation for a better customer experience

In reality, this is often not easy to implement. Therefore, employees need a platform or digital environment that supports them. High data availability is just as important as a simple interface that helps to easily understand the information displayed. In the service center, for example, this can lead to a much better customer experience with a good ticket system in conjunction with automatic caller recognition than if your employees first have to search for the right customer data in various systems after taking the call in order to be able to provide information.

Recognition and good advice are supported by a wide range of technical tools, including sentiment analysis. This is automatic sentiment recognition to understand your customers even better. Your sales or support staff can also benefit from automatisms that support them in ongoing conversations with artificial intelligence. All parties benefit from the resulting speed and efficiency.

The areas of application for artificial intelligence range from recommendations to automatic evaluations of your conversations. Insights can be used to quickly identify potential products for customers and to automatically evaluate conversations and suggest improvements in communication. The basis for this are individual, defined keywords.

Consulting and products from a single source

With our solutions for contact centers and corporate communications, we clearly focus on you as a customer and your customers, while at the same time making your employees’ day-to-day work easier. If you have any questions about this article or are interested in our solutions, we look forward to hearing from you.



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