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Automated Mail Traffic for Faster Social Benefits

We have extended our service management tool Myrmex with new functions using Artificial Intelligence. They are already in use today at the Austrian Social Insurance. The first project to go live was the partially automated ordering of the e-card in the summer. Insured persons benefit twice: they receive requested services faster than before, while costs in the healthcare system are saved at the same time.

Ayse develops Myrmex and its new AI functions

“Automating the steps helps employees release each order as quickly as possible,” says Ayse Özmen-Gülmez from the development team. “All the preliminary work of verifying data across different sources is now done automatically – just seconds after submitting the online form. Employees then still check the results and confirm the application.”

On average, this saves five minutes per order. Employees can now use this time for more complex tasks. Automatic verification means that new issues can now be approved almost in real time. Insured persons receive their new cards much more quickly.

Security thanks to multi-layered checks

The security and integrity of the system were top priorities during development. Multiple interfaces are controlled to make the process as secure as possible. Depending on whether or not the applicant already has a verified login, different services are used for verification.

“What may look like a sensitive issue at first glance was actually the ideal starting point for implementing the new automation options. After all, the Austrian e-card system is digitally protected in all directions and it already covered all the necessary security standards before this project,” says Peter Kugler.

“The software accesses multiple checkpoints exclusively within the social insurance network so that every order is verified. Misuse can thus be ruled out.” Of course, this is also because service employees still confirm every application.

Peter Kugler about the automation of processes with AI

Fully automated processes in the private sector

For similar projects at other customers, we also offer the option of fully automating processes. This eliminates the need for an additional check at the end – after the process has always been successful in a test phase. With full or partial automation with artificial intelligence, you can react flexibly to the current and future demands of customers and partners. The best thing about it: All parties involved benefit.

Here you can see Myrmex in action. More information can be found on our product page!

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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