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The hype around ChatGPT and what it means for AI

ChatGPT by OpenAI is currently causing quite a stir: It is the new wonder box that has an answer to all questions. But is the hype around chatGPT justified?

The text generator offers one thing above all: low-threshold access. It has never been easier to get to grips with artificial intelligence and test what it is capable of. What is so fascinating about ChatGPT is something that artificial intelligence has been doing for a long time. It learns from existing data and imitates what it learns. If you show it often enough what is expected, it will eventually know what to do. The quality of this imitation is increasing rapidly right now and offers a lot of potential.

“More powerful hardware and more targeted algorithms are equally responsible for the fact that we can now solve much more complex tasks in less time. The image and text generators such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT strikingly demonstrate the advances that are also making their way into many other software products,” says Peter Kugler, CEO at link|that.

generated by Stable Diffusion

The hype around ChatGPT

Anything that is repetitive can also be automated. ChatGPT can determine what to answer us because it has learned from countless conversations and texts from the Internet. In the same way, complex processes that take us time and time again can be taught to the AI and subsequently completed automatically.

“Our AI solutions in link|that PRISM have been an integral part of our service offering for five years. With a flexible portfolio, we can make the huge advances in AI development available to our customers without detours,” says Kugler. “In this way, we are continuously discovering new potential for automation together with our customers.”

There is potential for savings in every industry. Whereas it used to be necessary to manually verify the confirmation of registration and change the data files after a move, the attachment can now be verified fully automatically by artificial intelligence and all customer data updated. Processes like this are recurring time wasters for companies. Since the solution paths for them are known, it’s easy to help service teams with automations. Instead, they can focus on complex challenges.

Stable Diffusion imagines ChatGPT like this | generated via

The advantages of AI-supported processes are obvious. They are advancing into ever new areas and will often amaze us in the foreseeable future.

You can find more ideas and concrete application examples at any time on our PRISM page.

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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