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5 Questions with Agnes

About playing drums, drawing portraits and AI control. Agnes from the label-team gives us her answers to the 5 Questions.


What is your role at LinkThat?

Since 2019 I work together with Tina in the label-team. Our scope of work is very diverse and that’s exactly what I like about my job, it never gets boring or monotonous. Our exciting tasks include:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data control
  • Data processing
  • Control AI results

What are the qualities for which you particularly appreciate your team?

Mutual respect, support and clear communication, but also fun, which is guaranteed here. What I particularly appreciate about LinkThat is that there is a friendly relationship between all the colleagues.

You play in a band –

which instrument do you play?

Definitely drums! 

Two years ago I fulfilled a big wish of my heart and bought myself some e-drums – according to the motto: Do it now! Sometimes later becomes never.

The feeling is just incredible when you can drum along to your favorite songs. Besides, playing drums keeps you fit, which is certainly not bad for me as a non-athletic person.

Agnes Drums

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Apart from cuddling with my two cats – drawing! Preferably portraits of actors and musicians. Depending on mood and color with crayons or only with pencil. For one drawing I need between three and eight hours.

I’ve actually always loved to draw in my youth but mainly in manga style. Then, unfortunately, I somehow lost sight of drawing. Thanks to the Corona time and the persistent doing nothing I luckily found my way back. Since then I draw regularly and see progress with each new picture, which then motivates me all the more.

Agnes Portraits

Which do you prefer to celebrate – your own birthday or a friend’s?

To be honest, the one from my fellow human beings. I don’t like to be the center of attention – just the thought of unwrapping presents in front of everyone else makes me sweat. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to receive gifts.


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