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ECCO introduces automatic categorization of phone calls

We have added two more benefits to our AI solution ECCO for the telephony channel. Automatic categorization of phone calls, tagging of tickets, call logs, and CRM records allows for quick content assessment. And enhanced transcription of entire conversations provides detailed insights.

This puts the emphasis on time savings, optimized workflows and improved control options.

Identify key topics at a glance

Update 1: Perfect transcriptions of phone calls

With our improved transcription technology, ECCO efficiently converts conversations into text. In addition to optimized recognition rates of individual words, we have also honed in on better understanding logic and semantics. This benefits readability. In combination with ECCO keywords, important content can also be highlighted. Users can thus grasp the main content of a three-minute conversation in just a few seconds.

The advantage: efficiency and response speed for follow-up calls increase.

phone calls categorized

Update 2: Automatic keywording

ECCO identifies key aspects in conversations and automatically adds relevant topics to records as categories or hashtags. Whether in tickets, in CRM call logs or cases: all interfaces can be accessed. This makes it much easier to find and analyze specific communication topics.

The advantage is that it is clear at the click of a mouse which topics customers are most concerned about. This means that competencies can be distributed effectively and services can be better adapted to customer needs.

Categorization of phone calls:
Customer requirements as a driving force

We always strive to make our customers’ workflows more efficient. Both of ECCO’s improvements came about thanks to ongoing user feedback,” says our product manager Markus. “So far, we have measured a 60% performance increase with ECCO. In test settings, an additional 15% saving in processing time is emerging with the new features. We are approaching an optimal process here.”

Selected customers are already enjoying the benefits of these features. After a successful test phase, they will be released to all users in the coming months.

More about these and all additional features is available on our updated ECCO product page.

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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