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Offering More Personal Interactions Despite AI

More personal interactions despite AI? In our products with Artificial Intelligence, people always take the central role. That’s why we want to show in a short example how the use of LinkThat ECCO as a voice AI can enable a better customer experience.

With the right strategy, customers and your support teams benefit equally from AI. ECCO keeps an eye on phone data and conversations and helps where it is really needed.

Before the interview: Customer makes the most of the wait time

ECCO jumps in and clearly identifies itself as an AI voice. It informs and asks, “Your estimated wait time is 3 minutes. Would you like to answer a few questions in that time?”


By verifying her data and making her request known, Tina’s time in the queue is put to good use. She is happy not to wait in vain, gladly gives the AI a chance, and doesn’t put the phone aside.

Service Center

Even before the call begins, the most important data and the request are recorded or confirmed. If it is determined that the customer has called the wrong hotline, she is automatically connected to the right place.

Check mark and rubber stamp over paper background with copy space on le left.

During the call: live support

ECCO plays prompter: It analyzes call content in real time and informs
the agent about important information and offers links and tips. This is how 
artificial intelligence provides better advice.


Even during the greeting, it is clear that the concern has already been understood and that the solution is being worked on. Tina addresses a few other issues and is surprised how quickly the consultant has even the most specific information at hand. He already seems to know her very well, even though this is the first time she has spoken to him. All concerns are resolved in a very short time.

Service Agent

Elias has already seen all of Tina’s data and the reason for her call in the customer popup. He has already opened the right screen at the beginning of the conversation to initiate the verification. After a brief confirmation, everything is already underway. For the further questions, he receives useful links and excerpts from the customer database, based on keywords in the conversation that ECCO has recognized. At the end, with just one click, he sends Tina an email with all the information about her product inquiry.

Call center

After the call: A good impression & good insights

ECCO knows the core content of the conversation and makes it available for further steps in compliance with data protection regulations.


The wow experience is huge: That was fast and completely frustration-free. In the evening, Tina tells a Zoom session with friends that she spoke to an AI voice and that she had never been helped so quickly on the phone. This creates more personal interactions despite AI.

Service Center

ECCO prepares the core content of all conversations anonymously for analysis. This makes it possible to immediately determine which content was relevant at what times and how. The data is enriched with contact center KPIs such as service level, waiting time and call time, so that meaningful measures can be derived. Of course, the customer’s positive experience also has a lasting effect.


So everything went well in this conversation. Of course, ECCO is also equipped for difficult situations. It even proactively identifies points of friction and suggests solutions. The right measures can also be derived from the analyses. We are at your side with our experience.

If you would like to learn even more about ECCO, please feel free to contact us at any time or visit our product page.

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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