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Call Center trends 2024

Contact Center Trends 2024

As developments in the field of AI continue to advance, the functions in a call center are also increasingly changing. We take a look at the contact center trends to expect in 2024 and what you can’t do without next year.

Contact Center Trends 2024

Costumer Self-Service Boom

The age of self-service has dawned in customer service. The less a customer has to rely on personal contact and can deal with their concerns largely independently of time, the greater their satisfaction. According to Zendesk 67% of customers now prefer self-service to direct contact. From FAQs to chatbots and service portals, there are many options.

The comprehensive use of customer self-service solutions also offers a number of advantages for call centers. Routine inquiries are largely resolved and agents can focus on more time-consuming inquiries. This increases customer satisfaction and customer self-service leads to an improved customer experience.

Focus on Cloud Services

The cloud is playing an increasingly important role in the contact center, and this trend will continue in 2024. By moving services to the cloud, be it XCaaS, CCaaS or edge computing, call centers save costs and resources.

Companies do not have to take care of their own infrastructure; the data is stored in external data centers. This significantly reduces acquisition and maintenance costs. At the same time, the data is available at all times, regardless of location. The cloud thus becomes a decisive element for an efficient and flexible contact center infrastructure.

AI tools at the pulse of the contact center

Artificial intelligence has finally become part of everyday life with ChatGPT. The use of AI tools is also increasing in the contact center: they are becoming the centerpiece.

AI tools facilitate and improve customer service. The range of solutions is extremely diverse and is constantly being developed further. Voice bots, intelligent interactive voice response systems (IVRs) and chatbots are the main drivers of innovation in the call center.

Agents are therefore equipped with sophisticated tools that keep track of all data and information. As a result, tasks can be automated and greater customer and agent satisfaction can be achieved.

Omnichannel as a standard

Customers now expect to receive service on every conceivable channel. Creating a seamless, efficient and responsive omnichannel solution is essential in 2024 to meet customer expectations and stand out from the competition.

From social media channels to traditional contact channels such as email, SMS or telephony: a contact center must offer all points of contact for service in order to meet the customer. The more diverse the available contact channels are, the greater the chances of gaining satisfied and loyal customers.


Employee Experience

However, Contact Center Trends 2024 is not just about customers. With increasing labor shortages, it is crucial to create a positive working atmosphere for employees. This ranges from flexible working to the provision of supporting and at the same time relieving service technologies.

The well-being of agents also has a corresponding effect on the quality of customer service. According to a study by McKinsey, satisfied agents are three times more motivated to solve customer problems. The employee experience is of central importance for the quality of service and the success of a company.

Contact Center Trends 2024

From the cloud to customer self-service and the comprehensive integration of AI tools, there is a lot on the agenda for contact centers in the coming year. Managing future customer service requirements while at the same time standing out from the competition can be a major challenge. We can support you with our expertise in the AI- and contact center sector. With more than 20 years of experience, we will work with you to find the best solution for your company.

Bettina Zambo

Bettina Zambo

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