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ai automatism with prism

Austria promotes companies in the use of Artificial Intelligence

With the excitement surrounding the new AI tools, it’s clear that the age of artificial intelligence has finally arrived. AI solutions will find their way into more and more areas. In view of the multitude of innovations, it is important for companies to keep up in order to remain competitive. In the future, the potential of the technology will also be used extensively in Austria in order to keep up with international developments. The AI Mission Austria now makes it easier for companies to get started.

“AI Unternehmen und Wachstum”: aws grant for Artificial Intelligence

To boost the use of AI solutions in Austria, domestic companies currently have the opportunity to receive financial support for the implementation of AI technologies. The austria wirtschaftsservice (aws) offers three different funding modules.

Discover potential and find the right solution

As an implementation partner, link|that in Vienna can help. For more than 5 years, high-quality AI solutions have been implemented here for companies of all sizes. “We know what opportunities the use of artificial intelligence offers for the future. Our products freshen up digital processes and increase efficiency. To achieve this, we jointly analyze automation and improvement potentials and find individual solutions for our customers,” says Manfred Pigl, AI expert at link|that.

One of these solutions is link|that PRISM: This optimizes written and technical business processes. The AI software can be integrated into all existing systems, takes over routine tasks from correspondence and also understands handwritten documents and images. When routing e-mails with AI, PRISM evaluates the text and all file attachments. E-mails are correctly assigned or appropriately routed even before they are opened. 99.9% of all incoming emails are classified correctly.

Profit in the long term from project start

PRISM can also modernize industrial processes that are inspected via image and video material and thus sustainably reduce costs. “Our products are designed to help companies post long-term savings,” describes Manfred Pigl. “With the ongoing optimization of AI systems, we can increase performance, minimize the necessary computing power and thus decimate IT costs.” Relying on this strategy in the long term and additionally benefiting from aws funding gives companies a decisive competitive advantage.


More information on funding can be found at austria wirtschaftsservice. On our link|that PRISM page you can find more examples of AI applications. Feel free to contact us anytime, so we can find solutions for you!

Bettina Zambo

Bettina Zambo

Since studying communications Bettina is working in media und produces content at link|that: written and spoken.

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