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LinkThat Softphone: Updates in version 5

We have upgraded our softphone for LinkThat CUBE and LinkThat ECCO. The update is available for all major CRM and telephony systems.

Version 5 introduces many useful features that mainly increase productivity. Find out all about the new AI and CTI features here, which will help sales and service staff solve inquiries even better.


AI on the phone: ECCO with even faster and more accurate results

The softphone update to version 5 also includes full support for ECCO.

This means: even shorter response times when identifying key topics on the phone, and with better quality speech recognition.

Our AI and CTI developers have also worked closely together to create new features that make everyday work easier. Employees work more elegantly than ever before with new shortcuts and data queries.


CRM Shortcuts: Prepopulate tickets and tasks

CRM records like tickets and tasks are now created with even more relevant data in one click. This also works based on content mentioned in the ongoing conversation: If the customer talks about a “delivery,” a link immediately pops up in the softphone to create a matching ticket on the topic. Of course, this can also be done via the sidebar of the softphone as before.

We recorded the new features with the German version of ECCO for now. You can have a look at the UI and the reaction times in this video; approx. from 1:45:

Salesforce Flow support

With Salesforce Flow complex business processes can be mapped in the CRM system. The LinkThat CUBE now provides events and the most important call data as variables so that processes can be mapped and automations can be tinkered with. These features can of course be de/activated depending on the role of the current user.


Better handling of callback calls

Most contact center solutions offer the feature to call customers back at the next opportunity. If an agent is currently free for new calls, the softphone will ring and inform the agent:in that the customer will now be called back. This function is now displayed more clearly in the softphone, although all the familiar features such as customer recognition and viewing the contact history are of course also available.

At the end of a successful callback, the employee can now record in the softphone whether the call took place and was completed. This makes it clear to the contact center that it does not need to offer any more callbacks.


Colorful shortcuts, part 1: Better templates

In the softphone’s options, each user can define individual templates. These are now available for text notes during a call, as well as for chat and email integration. Ten templates are possible per channel, each with a clear color marking. This means that the right building blocks can be found quickly in everyday life to provide the fastest service.

cti softphone text note
cti softphone shortcuts
cti softphone usability

On the left you see a text template, on the right how to add & use Speed Dial


Colorful shortcuts, part 2: Speed Dial

In Search and Call History, the new star icon can be used to add contacts directly to Favorites in the Speed Dial panel. These contacts will then appear below the search field in the softphone.

This is especially useful when agents need to connect to the same department or colleg:in several times a day. Or it can be used to quickly note a pending callback.


See presence status of Teams colleagues

Microsoft Teams is becoming increasingly important in the modern office world. Last year we connected Teams as a telephony solution to the LinkThat CUBE so that the call functions can be controlled in the softphone. But customers with other systems also benefit from being able to see the Teams status of all users at all times. Therefore, Teams can now be created as a data source independently of the integrated telephony and CRM solution.

For example, before you call a colleague, you check her status in Teams using the search function in the softphone. If she is currently in a (video) call or presentation, you will of course not call her.



In addition to these changes, many other improvements have been incorporated into Softphone V5 – not least thanks to great ideas and feedback from our customers.

If you want to experience our softphone live, book a short & non-binding demo. Especially the live speech recognition with AI of  LinkThat ECCO should not to be missed.

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at link|that and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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