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cti solution for servicenow

What’s new with LinkThat CUBE: servicenow & AI x2

The LinkThat CUBE is our CTI solution for the integration of CRM and telephony worlds. Its latest highlights include even better AI features and servicenow support.



The new omnichannel softphone for servicenow

All telephony functions are controlled directly in the servicenow system with the LinkThat softphone. When a customer calls, you see their data directly in the CRM user interface without switching windows, so you’re top informed and can pick up quickly. During the call, you effortlessly create new tickets and notes, each pre-filled with customer data.

In this video example, we  integrated a telephone system from CISCO in the background. The same is possible with Avaya, Atos Unify, NICE CX One, Mitel, Sinch, Teams and many other systems out of the box.

With screen transfer in servicenow, you can select any CRM data (customers, accounts, tickets, incidents, …) in the softphone, so that they are listed on your colleague’s screen before the transferred call is answered. It looks like this:

Sales and service agents save time and resources with the LinkThat CUBE, while customers receive better and faster advice.


Fresh AI updates for the phone in all CRM systems

In addition to servicenow, the other CRM systems supported by CUBE have also received an upgrade: In Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, the SAP Cloud family and zendesk you can use all new AI features as well. Live keyword spotting and new CRM shortcuts make many work steps easier. You can read more about this in the LinkThat Softphone V5 article.

Also underway for CUBE is an automatic call summary with AI, so that the content of past calls is immediately available. Shortly after a call, the most important topics can be retrieved in compact form and tagged with keywords. You’ll find details about this here in the blog shortly – sign up now for the newsletter.


Ready for Microsoft Copilot

The current version of the CUBE also prepares it for interaction with Microsoft Copilot and Business Chat, so that data from all contact channels can be incorporated into AI-supported analyses. We have extended our Microsoft Graph services for this purpose. The connection works with the CUBE on premise, as well as in the cloud.

We’ll also be sharing more about the benefits of Copilot here on the blog in the coming weeks.


Video: LinkThat CUBE in 2 minutes

What other features the CUBE has in store for call centers, you can also see in the new overview video. In the last part of the video you can also see the AI features of LinkThat ECCO, which allows agents to better respond to customer inquiries in all CRM systems.


Whenever you want to see the CUBE and ECCO in action, just drop us a line and we’ll arrange a short live demonstration.

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald Kerschhofer

Harald was one of the first developers at LinkThat and has been producing creative content for and about our products since completing his media studies.

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